Pokémon Mod For Borderlands Is Actually A Great Idea

I love animal companions that fight on your side. The mabari you get in Dragon Age is a great example of why; they're adorable, loyal and not too shabby as fighters.

Borderlands could also benefit from this concept. After all, skags are such a huge part of the universe that you might as well give the player some friendly, trained ones.

In the spirit of Pokémon, one user created this grenade mod that lets you throw Pokéballs that release one of 10 skag variants to fight on your side. That's a feature I would definitely love to see in a Borderlands game.

[Thanks Jason!]


    My god... Amazing... Should email the Borderland executives to make a pokemon mode in Borderlands 3... Wait... Law suits... Damn...

    I hope the Wii U has an epic pokemon game.. .Hell, I'd even take an HD style version of the DS games that uses the controller as the lower screen and my TV as the large screen.

    That is a fantastic mod. I'd like to see it used in PVP matches. Maybe randomise which is in each ball like they do in Smash Bros.

    I did a survey for Borderlands 2 and I asked them to put in a pet/pokemon type feature like this. That would make for some awesome DLC. You could even start off with a midget that evolves into a psycho, etc

    Pokemon would have been a lot more interesting if I could shoot the other pokemon with my sniper rifle.

    Instead of skags port some models over from other games and add them in if possible.Probs hard but some cel-shaded pokemon would look great. Borderlands doesn't have great pc support but borderlands 2?

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