Portal Daleks Would Be Great At Exterminating

Dr. Who and Portal get an unlikely crossover in this 3D image by Aussie artist David C. Simon, who actually works as a writer at BioWare's Austin studio.

Aperture Daleks [The Dalek Factor, via technabob]


    "I don't hate you. Oh wait, yes I do! EXTERMINATE!"

    Gorgeous bit of work that

    Now that's awesome! Glad to see the plunger dissapear too - that is really hard to explain to new Doctor Who watchers...

    I would marry the man who made me one of those big enough to sit in, with an independent means of movement, sound and hopefully full lethal functionality. Or I can swap my future first born son, your choice. If you didn't get the hint already I WANT THIS SO BAD!

    what next portalised origin forme giratina

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