Pro Evolution Soccer Still Sold One Million Copies, And That Makes Me Happy

Every fan of football video games had their breaking point — that moment when you finally crossed that forbidden line... from Pro Evo to FIFA. In the PS2 era it was barely a competition, I didn't even bother with FIFA, but at some point — probably around FIFA 08/09 — I made the migration, and I never looked back.

But either some are stubbornly refusing to make the switch or (more likely) football nuts are buying both, because Konami has announced that Pro Evo 2012 has sold one million copies since September 2011, which is pretty incredible number considering FIFA's dominance.

Deep within the tendrils of my ice cold heart, I still have a secret love for PES. When I play FIFA I switch the controls to alternate, simply because it's the closest thing to PES controls and I can't unlearn that skillset.

Nowadays FIFA, for me, is just the more polished product. It always had production values, but now it has a great set of core mechanics, an incredible array of options, and solid online. There's no way I could go back to PES in a massive way, I'd never switch out FIFA for it. But every year, I have a couple of games with the new PES, just to see what's changed, what's evolved, etc.

Because I sort of long for the days of Master League, having to rename all the players and the teams. I've loved this series since the SNES, when it was called International Superstar Soccer, loved ISS 64, moved over to Pro Evo with the PlayStation 2. It's a sporting institution!

And of course, a bit of competition never hurt anyone.

Pro Evo Soccer 2012 sells a million, drop kicks price [Joystiq]


    Could never get used to FIFA. Always felt like trying to play underwater. PES dispenser all the way.

    Ah, the old Fifa vs Pro Evo debate.

    I loved Fifa 2000, then I got into the Pro Evo games, even if I could only play the demos, but now I have come full circle, and I side firmly with the FIFA games.

    me and my bro used to have epic games of ISS64 back in the day. good times.. it was probably the first soccer sim I really got into (not a big fan of soccer). Now whenever I visit my bro it's either NBA2k12 or Fifa 12 as the multiplayer sports game of choice.

    ISS Pro Evolution for the Playstation is my favourite football sim. I still play it today with friends when they come round.

    it's funny how I'm the same as you Mark. I'm one of those 'football nuts' that bought both games up until last year. I bought PES each time hoping that it's gonna be better than FIFA this time around, but left feeling disappointed each time. Like you I play my FIFA with alternate controls as well! Here's hoping that we'll see the day PES becomes the king of football sims once more coz I'm not a big fan of EA

    I, like Serrels, dropped PES for FIFA around 2009, feeling that FIFA had become a better game. I play what feels more natural and realistic and at the moment FIFA is on the mantle.

    it's misleading. They reached one million in the latin americas, not worldwide

    PRO EVO on the PS2 was awesome. Even though I've migrated to FIFA I still look at the PES boxes when I go to EB/JB.
    Playing FIFA's career mode is not the same as the master league and I hope the guys at Konami at least catch up this year.

    PES was the best ! played the early editions. FIFA just didnt make much sense to me when i played it

    Damn... I'm kinda hoping PES gets canned so that the J-League license gets relinquished. Every year I desperately want EA to instate the Asian Champions League in manager mode seasons, but she's a little difficult with only Australia and Korea in the competition.

    I am still firmly devoted to PES. I had to laugh at the mention of "renaming players and teams" though. I hope you didn't waste too much time doing that, there is an extremely dedicated option file community out there who do the hard work for us! Kits, emblems, appearances, lineups and everything are all up to date and true to life. In fact it can be argued that with the amount of effort these people put in, PES with a current option file applied is more up to date than the most recent FIFA release!

    Anyone ever use to play ISS on n64... That was my first delve in soccer games and for back then it was pretty awesome

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