Pro-Hitler Video Is A Call Of Duty Elite ‘Staff Pick’

Pro-Hitler Video Is A Call Of Duty Elite ‘Staff Pick’

You’d expect to see videos showcasing epic killstreaks and particularly inventive death-dealing chosen to be highlighted as staff picks on Call of Duty Elite‘s theatre pages. You might not expect to find Adolf Hitler there, though. And yet there he is.

Alongside how-to videos where players show other players how best to wield certain weapons, one of history’s most reviled leaders pops up twice as a Call of Duty Elite theatre staff pick on the internet hub of the social network centered around Activision’s hit FPS series. COD Elite user GhostOfTheReich links to a YouTube video with archival World War II footage where Adolf Hitler appears and another clip linked by user laliludo is for a music video by Aryan rock group Final War.

According to emails sent to Kotaku, complaints about the video have gone unanswered and comment threads beneath one of the video indicate that there’s been outrage for at least a week about the staff pick.

The problem here is that there’s not much transparency as to how this staff picks are selected. The most likely explanation is that there’s some sort of algorithm at work but it’s unclear if there is an actual human vetting the content that gets categorised as a staff pick on the COD Elite theatre channel.

Ironically, for at least one video, you can’t click through to YouTube without getting a warning about potentially offensive content. We’ve reached out to Activision for comment on this story and will update if we hear back.


  • Haha, people are pathetic. The gaming culture is filled with ‘Hitler finds out’ videos that people adore and celebrate. Now they’re offended. So hypocritical.

      • If that is what you believe then i suggest you go and read up a bit on what Hitler actually stood for. Many only know Hitler for the whole jews incident but in fact the guy stood for many, many other terrible things, things that are praised and supported by the mainstream media and the general public today.

        And just a small reminder, you cant really hate on jews anymore becouse they own everything now.

      • Quite – the Downfall videos are mocking Hitler, not praising him. It’s not like Downfall was anything other than a anti-Hitler film.

        • Actually the Downfall movie was made to show the human side of the Nazi leadership that in hte end hitler was just a man not some mythical boogey man monster

  • “Ironically, for at least one video, you can’t click through to YouTube without getting a warning about potentially offensive content.”

    This is NOT ironic. It’s not even “dramatically ironic”, one of the more liberal and common forms.

    A “Staff-Pick” video with an offensive content warning would be ironic if it was anti-censorship, or against user warnings or messages of any kind.

    • Sir you are giving me a case of the vapours. I do love it when someone actually knows what irony is and how to use it correctly.

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