Project Space Headed For Kickstarter? Sidhe Happy To Wait, Watch For Now

Project Space Headed For Kickstarter? Sidhe Happy To Wait, Watch For Now

So this slick space shooter from Sidhe came out of nowhere and just as mysteriously, we’re told it’s not actually in development. Which is kind of unacceptable, especially when phrases like “A modern take on the classic space combat and exploration game Elite” are thrown around. Fortunately, Sidhe hasn’t left us with mouths completely agape.

Speaking with MCV Pacific, CEO Mario Wynands says the release of the video and concept shots for Project Space was done “on a whim”; an attempt to “[kick] the tires on Kickstarter”. Since the release, several “publishers” and “console manufacturers” have gotten in touch with the developer regarding the game, though Wynands did not specify exactly who had knocked on Sidhe’s door.

He did divulge some additional tidbits about Project Space‘s influences:

“With heavy customisation and expansive procedural content, the game also included social cross pollination of content inspired by the likes of Spore. We also really liked the cinematic depiction of combat as seen in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica which was a big inspiration.”

That certainly qualifies as one heck of a delicious description… as long as the social aspects are kept in check.

I can understand why Sidhe is holding off on diving into Kickstarter. Given the choice of a potentially lukewarm response on the crowdfunding platform or the burgeoning pockets of a publisher and guaranteed income from successful production milestones, I know which one would be more inciting. Especially when you have a large number of permanent employees to pay from month-to-month.

That, and Sidhe doesn’t have quite the same pull as Tim Schafer.

The interview also sees Wynands air his concerns about crowdfunded games in general:

“It is difficult for any game to be all things to everybody and chances are there will be some funders who felt you didn’t deliver the goods regardless of how well you communicate your intentions or manage expectations. If gamers feel shortchanged or misled, even once, then their support for that sort of funding will wane.”

I couldn’t agree more. Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2 and Shadowrun are still mostly glimmers in the eyes of their designers. Regardless of how much faith you have in the guys running the show, right now everyone has an idealised version of the final product in their mind. As soon as these games start to become tangible products, it’s a given that significant differences in vision will occur between creators and backers. How big an effect this has, we’ll have to wait and see.

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