Quick Recommendations For This Week In Comics

Time's tighter this week but we all still need comics. Here's a handful that you should check out this week. Chime in with what you'll be getting in the comments below.

Reset #1 Indie comics legend Peter Bagge takes on interactive media culture. Bagge's not a gamer but I think that'll make this work perceptive in a different way. The artist's kinetic cartooning always unveils some well-observed truths about human nature so this should be a funny read.

Justice League #8 The latest issue of DC Comics' preimere team book turns a classic bit of Justice League lore — Green Arrow turning down membership — on its ear. This time, Green Arrow wants in but his quest for membership hits a few snags. Geoff Johns writes character clashes well so it'll be interesting to see how he handles the new corporate crusader Green Arrow.

Shadow #1 The original creature-of-the-night crimefighter — Batman's spiritual granddad, if you will — comes back in a new series from Dynamite. I'll be getting this to see how the creators try to re-introduce the classic character to an all new audience

Manhattan Projects #2 Jonathan Hickman's alt-reality take on the government program responsible for the atomic bomb is the most balls-out gonzo thing he's written so far. Incredible amounts of gore get balanced with an icy-cold scientific tone, making this book feel slightly unhinged. That's a good thing.


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