Rampage Movie's Producers Want 'Independence Day-Style' On 'A Smart Budget'

It sounds like the folks behind the film adaptation of arcade classic Rampage are really serious about making it happen. The Hollywood Reporter calls it "a priority for New Line Cinema" and says they're looking to make "an Independence Day-style picture on a smart budget."

That means lots of Rampage's signature trait: Buildings smashed and imploding and destruction and people running and giant lizards eating a flamethrower and suffering nasty heartburn. To sew all that together, New Line has tapped newcomer Ryan Engle to write the screenplay. He has credits on "A Killing on Carnival Row" and wrote "On a Clear Day", which landed him his first big deal.

Again, we're talking people mutating into monsters, stomping tanks and eating people and electrocuting themselves in neon signs. It's hard to screw this up. I just want to see Ralph doing that power move where he starts at the top of a skyscraper and punches his way down, maybe give that wan, helpless look as the building crumbles and he's forgotten to jump to the next one.

New Line Hires Relative Newcomer to Pen 'Rampage' Movie (Exclusive) [The Hollywood Reporter]


    You CAN screw this up. Just look at Godzilla.

      I didn't think Godzilla was that bad actually. Certainly could have been worse.

        It was so bad that in a Japanese follow up movie, Godzilla (the japanese one) roflstomps Zilla (the offspring of the American one), when it was screened for the first time a thousand adorable puppies were born and there was icecream cake to be had by all.

    This reminds me of a fallacy that needs to be addressed, where people assert that if a movie contains certain specific superficial elements, then it is automatically awesome. Transformers contained plenty of explosions and giant robots punching stuff, which is what everyone claimed they wanted, and yet the film was garbage.

    Or look at Sucker Punch. "It's got hot scantily-clad chicks with ninja swords and machine guns fighting Nazis and dragons and giant robot Samurai, what more could you ask for?" I could ask for an actual good movie that gives me a reason to care about what's happening in those fights, but nope.

    So I'd suggest that it would actually be very easy to screw up a Rampage movie. People might say "All I want to see is giant monsters smashing things for an hour and a half", but that's not true. You'd be falling asleep after the first ten minutes. What you want is a decent story and likable characters, which unfortunately isn't going to happen.

      Sucker Punch is the worst movie I have ever seen, ever.

        Me too. By far the worst movie I've ever seen. I hated it more than The Polar Express.

        Meet Joe Black. I walked out to go to the bathroom and just couldn't make myself go back in again.

      make it from the monsters point of view, make us sympathize for why they want to destroy all humans. >.> <.<

      Transformers 1 and 3 where great... 2 was not...
      Suckerpunch was awesome.

    I thought they were scraping the bottom of the barrel with a movie based on the game Battleship... but apparently not.

    A priority?


    The Hobbit is a priority. THIS is "meh, maybe. If we can spare couch coins." territory.

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