Rancor Vs AT-ST Walker: Who Would Win?

Well, according to the brushwork of artist Benjamin Carre, it's the Rancor with a KO.

Oh, don't look so shocked. If you can bring an AT-ST down with logs and rope-swinging wookies, you can certainly bring one down with a beast that exists only to eat and destroy things.

Monsters [DeviantArt, via Super Punch]


    Rope swinging wookies? What movie were you watching?



      I think that was deliberate... Ewoks were just miniaturised versions of wookies anyway.

    Yeah, but it on takes a sliding door to kill a Rancor...

    Well, chewie actually landed on one using a rope, remember the lame tarzan cry?

    Of course the Rancor would win.

    AT-ST's were ridiculously vulnerable in every way. Also, the only rancor we saw in the movies was one trapped underground that feed on the occasional slave. One could only assume a wild Rancor would be far more dangerous.

      You don't have to assume - check the height of Jabba's Rancor compared to that of an "average" Rancor

    luke, you think maybe in an upcoming article you can leave something in the tank so you can get to two paragraphs?

      Careful, you might anger those who like Luke's work and defend him (and by that I mean people who clearly coast along in life using other people's work to get ahead because no one who has ever actually worked and pulled their own weight would defend him).

        i wonder if he reports his earnings to centrelink

    Ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury. If chewbacca lived on Endor then you must acquit

    I love that this is in the "in real life" section

    blaster cannons seem to be pretty shit. if they were dual m60 then the rancor would be mince

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