Reacting To Mass Effect 3's Ending: The Adorable Comic

I never got the anger people had towards Mass Effect 3. I can't remember the last time a video game made me angry. Sad, though, maybe even crushingly disappointed, yes. I remember that well.

I remember it like it was last month, actually, because it was when I finished Mass Effect 3. Something this wonderful comic by Brinny captures almost perfectly, except mine was on 360, and the time between the first and second panels took around 10 minutes of frozen disbelief.

Comics about videogames?? How novel! [Brinny]


    BioWare crushed all hope in my existance. Next stop: Cutting and My Chemical Romance

    I planned to do a second and third playthrough but after the ending i reallocated that time to getting a second job and making fun of the ending on the forums. Theres a lot of funny stuff circulating about the ending.

    ME3 endings need to be shown at every slot machine. Gambling addiction cured.

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