Reader Review: Rayman Origins

Reader Review: Rayman Origins

It’s colourful, beautiful, and marks the return of a household favourite gaming character, but how does the game itself stack up? Kotaku reader Ben Latimore jumped into the platformer to find out.

Rayman Origins – PS Vita

Rayman was king of the PlayStation platformer era before it took a break from the limelight. Now he returns on multiple consoles, including the Vita. Is this the brilliant comeback he was looking for or does he remain in the shadows?


Platforming at its finest: With a very finely tuned control set, well-balanced difficulty and several sets of varied levels with plenty of hidden pickups and collectibles, Rayman Origins is an example of platforming done right at the very core. All levels are fun to play and every new set of levels brings a new challenge. Even the levels where you play on a flying mosquito happen to be great.

Art worthy of the Smithsonian: The 2D artwork is astonishing on other platforms, but cramming it on the small screen of the Vita really shows how pretty the whole game looks from start to finish. Colours are lavish and animation is silky smooth. Environments are diverse and sparkling, and the detail on each sprite is delightful.

Content and secrets galore: Every level has several different types of collectibles find and at the end of every level you get the opportunity to run through a time trial for a trophy of its own. You can come back to a level more than three times to get everything and it somehow never becomes boring.

Amazing soundtrack: Perfectly complementing the cartoon-like artwork is one amazing soundtrack. Each level has its own distinct tune and you’ll find yourself having your own favorite levels just for the music. All the tracks mix in very well with the level they’re played on. The entire second set of levels is based around Australian didgeridoos and it sounds absolutely delightful.


Missing co-op: Almost every other platform Rayman Origins has been released on contains some form of 4-player co-op. While everything else remains intact for the Vita port, the co-op has vanished. While there is a ghost mode where you can run against ghosts from your friends and share them over Near, this isn’t a replacement.


As long as you don’t mind playing this alone, Rayman Origins is both a brilliant platformer and one of the best games you can pick up for your Vita. An absolute must buy.


  • Picked this up cheap on the PS3 recently and been enjoying it.
    Co-op on other platforms is local only, so I guess that’s why they didn’t implement it on the Vita, I’m guessing 4 people crowded around a Vita would be a bit cramped. Still disappointing , though.

  • I’m really keen to pick this up eventually but I think I would get the PS3 version just to play it on a big screen. The game just looks so lush.

    • I just picked it up cheap on the PS3 and it looks effin- great on a 50″ HDTV 🙂 but as mentioned in the review, the music is the real star.

      Pro-tip: for the best experience play on a large TV and with a very decent surround sound system with 3 other friends and consume a shot of alcohol (me and my friends used a 16 year old scotch) at the end of each level 🙂

  • I’ve got a voucher for OGS, so i was thinking of using it to buy this this week, on 360 – especially now as they seem to be out of stock of the MK: KE.

    I’d get it on vita – but i really want the local co-op.
    Maybe it could be the 3rd game i convinced bee to play with me in 5 years!* \o/

    *that isn’t pool on OMGPop

  • Totally agree with this review from the perspective of the 360 version. Loved it.

    Though I don’t recognise any of the screenshots!? New levels on the vita? Pre-release promo shots?

    • Pre-release promo shots probably. Although the game does actually look this good on a Vita screen.

  • Can anyone confirm Kotaku Brazil’s belief we will have a Rayman Origins 2 by the end of the year?

    This game is amazing, and I’d love more.

  • Been thinking of getting this but wasnt sure. Looks like its a must get so I might download it tonight

  • I just got it yesterday, confused what the story is, not sure if I somehow missed something .. but ah well, still collecting lums as always! I haven’t gone that far ahead, but is there a special purpose for using the other characters at all??

  • I played this game back around when it came out on PS3 and absolutely loved it. The platforming hits that wonderful sweetspot where, with the right rhythm, it all just works beautifully and you hop, skip, jump and punch your way through the level in an intricate ballet of cartoonish wackiness. Oh, and make sure you collect all the chests because the final “secret” level is a most wonderful challenge.

  • If you have a Vita but don’t have this game, you’re wasting your Vita.

    Losing the CO-OP isn’t a huge problem, it is a relatively minor gripe in an almost overwhelming positive experience. 9/10 from me.

  • Burned through co-op on the PS3 with my best good friend and it was a blast. We even managed to unlock and beat the hidden final world, which is suitably difficult. This is a great game on it’s own, but the co-op makes for a wonderful experience. Highly recommend the PS3 version.

  • The ruby teeth chases are oh-so-frustrating, but the rush when you finally nail it perfectly…

    Is it wrong that I’m very tempted to buy it for my Vita, even though I have it on PS3? So very tempted…

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