Red Pandaren Males Don’t Get Fluffy Tails? World Of Warcraft Is Dead To Me

Red Pandaren Males Don’t Get Fluffy Tails? World Of Warcraft Is Dead To Me

What kind of World of Warcraft does Blizzard expect us to live in when the red male Pandaren doesn’t have a long floofy tail? It just doesn’t make sense.

I was cautiously optimistic that the Mists of Pandaria expansion would feature enough new content to keep the game interesting for another couple of years. Now that blue posters on the WoW forums have confirmed that red Pandaren males will not be getting the same bouncy tail as the female Pandaren, I’m pretty sure Blizzard will be out of business within months. Activision will sell them off, Diablo III be damned. They’ll offload them to Perfect World Entertainment or maybe Nexon; anything to escape the taint of the stumpy-tailed red panda.

Hee. I said taint.

Perhaps I am overreacting just a little. After all, Blizzard did add in red skins for the Pandaren males, previous limited to the black-and-white colour scheme of traditional pandas. That the males got red options at all is a triumph for red panda fans everywhere. Why not give males the floofy tails as well? According to blue poster Wryxian, Blizzard prefers the distinction.

Earlier this morning in the World of Warcraft Europe forums, Wryxian put the matter to bed once and for all.

We consider the pandaren models pretty much done: i.e. the distinctive longer tails for female red-coloured pandaren, that we like, are there to stay.

Let’s say it like this: we don’t want to repeat the female worgen on this one. We don’t want to second-guess the design.

I’m going to read that as “Blizzard fears male red panda tails”. It’s OK. They are pretty intimidating.

Feedback: Red Panda Male Tail [World of Warcraft EU Forums]

Image: Red Panda Network


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