Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a game manual? That's right, we're mixing things up today! No screenshot, no box art, all manuals. Kotaku reader luverly_5pam scanned the manual of a game and sent it to us. Leave your answer in the comments!

Also, last Friday's answer was Fountain of Dreams.


    What was Friday's answer?

      Last Friday's was Fountain of Dreams (I've updated this post with a link).

    Monkey Island 3


      I thought that too, its not though. I just checked and it doesn't have blue on it at all.

    Legend of Zelda : The Minnish Cap?


    Battle Toads

    well it's cartoony, and there's a flying bucket.
    For some reason my brain points towards Obelix and Asterix games... gameboy etc?

    Dark Chronicle?

    Muramasa the demon blade

    Paper Mario


    yoshi's story?

    Rayman 1?

    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island :)

    Sam and Max Hit The Road

      Yes! It is the manual to Sam and Max hit The Road:

      Congratulations, Raistlin! :D

      If anyone else has gaming manuals they want to scan and send it, please send them to Mark or myself and we'll try to use them for Remember This!

      Our emails are our first name dot surname

        The car hood seemed really familiar. I suspect even the artist wouldn't have been able to pick it from the bucket pic. :)

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