Remember This? [UPDATE]

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Today's game was suggested by Kotaku reader Ahtaps. It's a game he used to play in the arcades! Leave your answer in the comments.


    The Dig: Arcade edition

    Das Graben? Il Dig? Các ký? De Grave? Ang maghukay? Le fait de Creuser ?

    Maths Blaster

    I'll say Blood Brothers, only because it was the best arcade game around.

    The Simpsons Arcade video game

    Just curious but are all DSE comments being deleted? Cos I would bet good money it all being 'DSE' related jokes answers.. :)

    But no, no idea about this one so stab in the dark. 'Jack the Nipper'. *Cue nostalgic flashback*

      I tried to use a DSE joke, but they were all gone by the time I got there...

        I tried to use a DSE joke as well, but then I took an arrow to the knee

    Alex Kidd

    Mighty Bomb Jack?

    Ah, a syndicate game that might even be released in Australia in modern times.

    Syndicate: Candyland Wars


        I think it was a joke answer.


    It is fast approaching 5pm and no one has guessed the game yet! I'll reveal the answer now in case I forget.

    The game is... MOMOKO 120%

    Thank you all for playing. :)

      I refuse to believe this was a real game.
        "Momoko 120% is a 1986 arcade game by Jaleco released only in Japan"

          I do believe that is wrong because I played this in a very Australian Fish and Chip shop as a young tacker, back in the day when arcade machines cost 40c, coincidentally the same amount as the refund for 2 1.25L glass bottles.

            Are you sure? There aren't many sources out there on this game but all of them say the exact same thing. That it (and the NES remake) were only released in Japan.

              Yeah, I'm sure. I spent the next 20 years trying to remember what the game's name was. It's entirely possible that back in the day it was common for places to import foreign arcade boards without them being officially released.

              I'm gonna offer up an apology to my fellow Kotaku-ites and remember for next time that just because an arcade game was around in your hometown, it doesn't mean that it was an official Australian release.

      I dont feel bad now, never seen this game kin my life.

        Is that fair if it was never released outside Japan?????? *pouts*

      I think I would prefer fled's Syndicate Candyland wars!

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