Remember This?

It's troll or be trolled in this new episode of Remember This. Can you remember this game from one partioned screenshot? Usually you can, but I fancy my chances today. I FEEL LUCKY!

And, no Shane. It's not The Dig!


    I fancy it being some PC game from the late 80s/early 90s (VGA graphics), with the picture itself being of storm clouds.
    Don't know for sure, but I'm gonna say Monkey Island

    Although for some reason i'm now thinking of some kind of Disney game on the Megadrive/SNES.. The Lion King?

    I thought for sure that was The Dig for real this time or atleast something from the LucasArts vault.

      I know, right? If ever there was a good day to guess The Dig...

    It *looks* pointy and clicky-ish but it might also be not... I'm gonna guess Future Wars aka Time Travellers aka Adventures in Time aka Time Travellers: The Menace (Yes, it did have that many alternate names) for now.

    Skyrim de-make, Skills page

    Aladdin (virgin games version, possibly for PC)

    Full Throttle
    I may be wrong, but that colour pallette screams Lucas Arts adventure to me.

    Heart of Darkness on ps1 or Kingdom Hearts:Com on GBA?

    For some reason I'm thinking Mortal Kombat II title screen or pit stage on the Megadrive.

    Space Quest IV

    Actually, it kind of makes me think it's maybe one of the Turn In Progress screens from one of the X-COMs. Uhhh, Terror From the Deep?

    Paranormal activity: the game

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