Remember This?

Man, yesterday was a good one. Well done to those that worked out that yesterday's game was Phoenix Wright on the Wii — it seemed like a solid team effort. Anyway, that was yesterday — ancient history! Can you remember this game from one single screenshot?


    Metal Gear


    Bayou Billy

    Operation Wolf

    Jurassic Park on Nes?

    donkey kong on gameboy advance?

    Looks like Jill of the Jungle to me

    Looks like little red riding hood on the NES


    well this what google images says so im going with this

    Predator for nes or amiga or c64 or some old system I cant remember

      That was going to be my guess too, but going back over the screenshots, the graphics were more detailed and darker in Predator.

    First thought of Bayou Billy, then Sabre Wulf. Don't think it's either though.

    Snake's Revenge

    The first thing that jumped to my mind was one of the old Hugo games

    Ikari Warriors - maybe Speccy?

    Sad no one has guessed The Dig yet. It's clearly that.

      quiet you

    Its not something tricky like a drawing done with the rolf harris picture builder is it?

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