Remember This?

I was on a run until yesterday. Well done to crotchdot who correctly guessed BMX Simulator! Have at today's effort chaps and chapettes. Can you remember this game?


    Surely that's Yoshi's Island or similar

    Is it that adventure game where you control an egg?


        Yeah, i think that's it.
        Fantastic Dizzy, Sega Genesis version
        you can see down the bottom left

          That was a damn fun game. (Or so the rose coloured glasses suggest. :P)

            Damn, I had completely forgotten about that game! What an awesome little platformer!

          Isn't that one of Yahtzee's top 5 games or am I thinking of something else

          aww man I guessed that on the last Remember this! DId you steal my guess Serrels. BAD SERRELS. XD

    What was the answer to two days ago?

      Yeh, thats still bugging me

      As for today I wanna say wonderboy ...

    yoshi's story or Yoshi's Island, well actaully same game

    Yoshi's Safari?

    Donald Duck - The Lucky Dime Caper

    That "Wonder Boy" game?

    The original wonderboy on the master system. First level too I believe.

    Wario's Woods

    I would say Yoshi's Island or some other retro Nintendo title.

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