Remember This?

Well done to D.C. who guessed correctly that yesterday's Remember This was Fantastic Dizzy on the NES. I loved that game. But that was yesterday, and this is today — can you remember this?


    Tony Hawks Skateboarding?

      Thats what i was kinda thinking . But on second thoughts i doubt it

    Is it Final Fantasy 8? looks like Zell's shoes.

      yeh i would have gone with that also.

    Sydney 2000 Olympics on Dreamcast?

    Dave Mirra's Pro BMX on the PSX.

    Thank you and where do I pick up my over-sized cheque prize?

    Nba street

      I was thinking same, or the NBA game on dreamcast, where it had couple of street courts.

    Mortal Kombat 3

    or maybe one of my all time favourites Quarantine?

    Mark did we ever get the answer for ?

      I didnt want to say anything.. but yeah, it's bugging me too!


        I'm getting the feeling there was no answer. The game never existed, Mark just took a hipstamatic picture of the inside of his pants...



          Let's have a nerd rage and take this to the Office of Fair Trading because Mark didn't provide what was advertised :)

            I hardly know any of these but not finding out the name of the game I wouldn't know is bugging me too!

            haha.. sue him!

            In fairness to Mr Serrels however, at no time did he indicate that he would tell us what the actual image was. I quote: ".. But can you remember today’s game?" - this statement does not actually imply that the answer would be given, it was merely a question of whether we knew what the game was. A question answered with a resounding no.

            Although we could argue that as the answer has historically been given, it was implied when he asked the question that indeed, an answer would be given. i think it's a question for my lawyers. Release the hounds.

      Hey guys! Really sorry!

      Answer is Warhammer 40K Squad Command.

      I thought someone guessed right!

    jet set radio future?

    Ok i will go with Orphan on PS2

    ESPN Extreme Games on the PS1 or 2Xtreme

    The Dig.

      Le sigh

      You know I like you Shane, but no one else was saying it and it Remember This? just looks wrong without it.

    White men can't wear short shorts

    Trasher Skate and Destroy


    mortal kombat???

      Definitely not MK. Nobody in MK wears shoes that look like that.

    Two Crude Dudes.

    Also give us an answer for the other day!

    I have no mouth and I must scream?


    Dark Seed 2?

    Charles barkleys's shut up and jam!?

      On second thought it's probably neither of those... but i know i've seen those shoes before some where dammit!

      Oh god dammit I had this game, just cant remember the name! Your right about basketball, its a dos game kinda like a hip hop version of basketbrawl.

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