Remember This?

Alright, can you remember this game from one single portion of a screenshot? I believe in you!


    That would be Battle Toads I believe...

        The Arcade version...

          There was an arcade version of Battletoads?

          +1 to reasons I should build myself an arcade cabinet

            It was news to me too... For some reason, I recognised it as BT straight away, but I've only ever played the console versions...

    Man, there's a game I played an awful lot of. Not the arcade version, but NES. That really takes me back :P 2 player co-op so I could play with my younger brother, but you could also punch each other. Perfect game for pre-teen boys!!

      Same here! Although we were rockin the Mega Drive version... Did the NES version have that infuriating sewer level with the jet skies? I don't know how many hours I spent learning every single one of those turns...

        if you are talking about the turbo tunnel then yes, yes it did

        BEST. LEVEL. EVER.

          One tough game. Did rare make it?

            They did indeed... It was "created by Tim and Chris Stamper and developed by Rare."

          lol, hated that level, just as much as the level where you climbed via the snakes/worms things... Both levels required you to know exactly what was coming up, every jump had to pinpoint accurate otherwise you would fall or hit something, but the timing window was exceptionally narrow, one which seemed like you couldn't gain anything back.

            Yup I remember the jetskis now, that was tough. But I think we could get all the way the end, jumping up a rotating tower of some kind? I don't remember if we beat it or not... we certainly had the Game Genie though, so we probably did even if we had to cheat :P

    Starfox SNES? Was "I believe in you" a clue?

    Please stop posting new articles when you haven't verified the last two, its highly annoying.

    This did indeed make me think Battletoads. But not the arcade one, which I didn't even know existed until the last Insert Coins. I think I might have been thinking of BT vs Double Dragon on SNES.

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