Remember This?

I'm overseas, so bear with me if you don't get an update for this for a while — because I think you're gonna need it! Can you remember this game?

Thanks to Adam Ruch for the suggestion!


    Chuck Rock

    frog rock in sam & max: hit the road
    i cant find a pic tho :(

    Commander Keen

    Oregon Trail

    Rock Band?
    Rock n Roll Racing?
    Boulder....notdash ???

    Oregon Trail?

    Mwah ahahahahahaha!

    A mudcrab from the NES port of Skyrim

    You guys need a hint? Think.... Dysentery.

    I know it's either The Oregon Trail or Skullgirls, but I can't make up my mind so I'll leave it to a more daring commenter to make a decision.

    Cornerstone: The Day Of The Earthquake

    ....Final Fantasy?

    Space Quest 2

    You have come to a river, do you wish to...?

      I choose, BURN it with fire!!

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