Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single, rubbish portion of a screenshot? I BELIEVE!


    Final Fantasy IX

      This man is correct, at least from what I know of this game (which, frankly, is a lot). It seems to be a battle from the outside of Dali on the world map, against those weird ass creature guys, the name of which I forget.

    Time Commando?

    google tells me chrono cross.

    At the risk of being laughed out of here, is it The Legend of Dragoon?

    *Dons a crash helmet just to be safe.*


    ...Zeno clash

    It looks like a Murloc skeleton, but I'm going to randomly stab at Kengo.

    R-Type Delta

    Stop f***ing posting new ones when you have yet to give us an answer on the last f***ing four.

    It sure looks like the overworld from FFVIII; grasslands/open area into mountains but that grey shape doesn't look like any structures I remember from the overworld.

    It's not Jurassic Park, is it?

    Virtua Fighter 3

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