Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one part-screenshot? Probably yes! I think this one is probably a bit easy. Go on then! Get it in two minutes!


    Beyond good and Evil?

      That's my guess. The colour scheme brought it to mind immediately.


      Or I-war 2??

    Le Sigh - The Dig Edition?

    Might I request the answer to the previous Remember This?

      How about the last four in a row? He obviously doesn't give a rats ass about the articles and is just posting them because he has to to keep his job. If you have time to post new articles you have time to type yes. I'm now starting too see why the writers of this site get so much hate.

        The lack of answers is... ridiculous and sadly not a new occurance.

    Crap. It loos PSX, or early PC.... but I can't pick it. I want to say Slave..just because of the colours, but I can't bank on that.


    It ALMOST looks like the set of Wheel of Fortune haha.

    Ocarina Of Time? The dungeon where you are on the boat fighting skeletons. Looks kind of like that to me.

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