Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one screenshot? I believe in you! (Also: last week's Remember This revealed after the break. Thanks for your patience!)

I was overseas last week, so I didn't have the chance to update, sorry about that — won't happen again. Here are last week's Remember This answers!

Monday: Fantasy World Dizzy Tuesday: Battletoads Wednesday: The Oregon Trail Thursday: Chrono Cross Friday: Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves

Again — sorry about the wait. Thanks for holding out as long.


    This ones easy.

    Bruce Lee.

    Epic troll last week Mark. Bravo! And I got... zero of them correct. Hells yeah.

    Today's is, um... Frogger in China?

    Bruce Lee

      AAAGH. Knew it as soon as I saw it loved. Another C64 classic.

      yep, the commodore 64 game. I recognised it instantly too.

      yep he's right:,48116/

      Damn, I knew this one, but beaten to the punch

      This is the only one I've EVER known and I was beaten to it ... dammit. I liked playing as the Green Sumo dude and protecting whoever was playing the role of Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee for the Commodore 64

    Woo! I got Thursdays!!!

      Me too, never got one before but recognised this as soon as I saw it! Getting flashbacks - collecting lanterns, climbing ivy (and waterfalls?), making the sumo yell...

    Go play it NOW!

    Such an awesome game. 2 player is great fun whether you're helping or hindering too ;)

    Recognised it instantly too, bruce lee, I played it on an Amstrad..

    This game was one of the first where co-op multiplayer was brought to life, and you could screw the other guy over if you wanted to as well!
    Vintage game, this and Wizball were prob some of my fondest memories of early gaming.

    Hi Mark, ok if we also get the answer to the 17th? I know most people have probably forgotten about it, but it's hurting my brain


    Big thanks Mark for getting back to us on the answers for last week! Kudos!


    Bruce Lee, C64.


    Ridiculously easy. How about some answers?

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