Report Claims That These Are The Next PlayStation's Processing Specs

Following up on news broken by Kotaku on Sony's next PlayStation, IGN is reporting that the console codenamed Orbis will use two AMD chips for graphics and processing.

Citing unnamed sources, the article says that the Orbis might be sporting AMD's A8-3850 APU and Radeon HD 7670 GPU. The 7670 is an update of the 6670, the graphics component that's rumoured to be inside the next Xbox. This means that both Microsoft and Sony's future consoles could be pretty evenly matched.

This chain of speculation seems to bear out previous reports that Sony will be abandoning the Cell processor — the result of a Sony/Toshiba/IBM partnership — that currently powers the PS3. If the next generation PlayStation and Xbox machines have similar insides, their parent companies may be more reliant than ever on exclusive franchises to find an edge.

Sources Detail the PlayStation 4's Processing Specs [IGN, via The Verge]


    Kill the SPUs. They were an interesting idea, but they necessitated too many changes to software architecture.

    Specs are only the icing on the cake when it comes to platforms.

    Any word about new games for the thing? That's the main problem when the PS3 first came out. It had a laughable selection of launch titles.

    The same happened with the 3DS, it too was a launch disaster because of the launch titles.

      The games were fine - as good as any other console's launch line up, anyway. The problem was the price.

        Not to be devils advocate but I bought one at launch and spent a good 8 months or so waiting before I bought a title. Money wasn't an issue at the time...simply no games appealed for quite a while. That said, $1000 was kind of ridiculous so a combination of the two was probably the problem for most people.

      It was better than the 360 launch. However it benefited from a year of extra Dev time and ports . PS2, now there was a crappy launch.

    Hopefully similar insides means its simpler for 3rd party developers to design for both consoles.

    Bugger the specs, a new controller please!

      I just wish I was technologically knowledgable enough to be able to swap the guts of a PS3 controller into the body of a 360 controller.

        Same here!

          Is there actually a market for this?

          I may have finally found a use for my diploma.

        Or you could just buy one of those $20 usb adaptors (I got mine at EB in a sale once) that let you hook a wired 360 controller up to a PS3 .

          Or you could buy one of those awesome 40 dollar PS3 controllers that are shaped like a 360 controller!

        Get yourself the Power A Pro controller. PS3 wireless controller with the 360 controller setup and shape plus really nice textured grips. It's the only controller I use on my ps3. Sorry if that sounded like a sales pitch but it's my job ;)

      I'm amazed that the controller remains unchanged for the past 18 years! If they released that boomerang controller for the PS3 they probably would've followed it up with a much better design - similar to how the 360 controller was made from the original gigantic thing

      I just wish they'd design it for non-japanese gamer hands & make some better trigger buttons than the current awful ones

    It will be a shame to see STI go. :(

    Interedting there rumored to have almost the same gpu but with the PS3 using the revised version. I guess that'd mean no console wars arguing over power?

      im sure that even though the next gen xbox and ps3 are rumoured to be evenly powered im sure fanboys will still argue that their console is the more powerfull

    In fairness to the poor developers, MS and Sony should shake hands and agree on a common spec that will allow developers to port easily between the two platforms. They can then focus on the value add services and accessories.

    I think that the best games of the current generation have been exclusives to their respective platforms. It'll be a shame to see platform exclusivity fade away, as developers will be less inclined to develop to the strengths of their particular platform.
    Are they still moving towards streaming gaming (ie OnLive) or has that fallen by the wayside? True hardware agnosticism.

    This great news for PC gamers as console ports of PS4 games will be quick and easy with decent optimization from the get go.Its a pity they couldnt up the GPU to something like a 6850-70, I for one would gladly pay an extra $100 for a better console.

    Why they don't use Nvidia I'll never fathom.
    The reason I use them in my PC is because I game so much; I like all the bells & whistles, physX, etc

    Wouldn't it also make more sense to go with a higher-end gpu instead of the mid-range version? I'd rather the money be spent on that than on Sixaxis..... Does anyone really use that??

      Nvidia vs AMD is always a sketchy argument, so i'll move on from that point for now.

      I can understand the desire for a more powerful graphics processing unit, however if im not mistaken the power requirements tend to skyrocket for anything past the x600 series for the HD series or AMD GPU's, with additions of things like extra 6-pin connectors being required. That being the case, a higher power draw would be required which would do three things a) it would use more energy and then be more costly to run, b) it may require a more expensive PSU, further increasing production cost c) it will most likely increase the heat generated by the console which must be mitigated by either more fans or higher throughput fans. For fans higher throughput can be achieved by a faster fan (louder and exponential power draw increases the faster you need to go) OR a larger fan, which can become more and more difficult to hide (which can lead to an ugly looking console, which lets face it, will matter quite a bit for a consoles sales figures).

    WHen Sony announced they were dumping Cell and jumping into bed with AMD (the same bed as Xbox) I said the PS and the Xbox will be pretty much the same console.
    Its a smart move by both companies and will make it extremely easy for developers to make and port games between the two.

    As an enthusiast these specs upset me. NANANA NOT LISTENING

    Just make them backwards compatible please.

    oh mu god

    no cell processor

    fuck yes

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