Report: Peeping Toms Targeted Cosplayers

Cosplayers have it rough. It's not simply coming up with the outfits and posing for all those pics. It's also the jerkwads they have to deal with.

Of course, not all cosplay photographers are bad people — many are very good people. But according to Japan's Weekly Jitsuwa, there was apparently a "tousatsu team" (盗撮チーム) or "Peeping Tom team" making the rounds at the recent Tokyo International Anime Fair. This team was apparently snapping illicit cosplayer pics.

Working in tandem, the group would encircle female cosplayers, and zero in on the cosplayers's cleavage and privates. With the group working together, this sort of thing is very difficult for show organisers to regulate — and stop. The photos, then, supposedly end up on pay websites aimed at otaku.

Kotaku has previously covered just how crazy some of the cosplay photography at events can get. And just how crazy is it? Pretty damn crazy.

東京国際アニメフェアで盗撮団に狙われたコスプレガールの股間 [Weekly Jitsuwa NSFW]


    How ironic for this story to be posted by Brian, I'm sure he has a sizable collection of photos that have never been posted on this site.


      Directory of C:\Users\Brian_A\COSPLAY

      27/10/2011 08:06 AM .
      27/10/2011 08:06 AM ..
      19/09/2011 02:32 PM Cleavage
      20/09/2011 12:55 PM Privates

      Really I think this whole Cosplay thing is creepy and too tenuously linked to Computer Gaming to warrant all these 'articles'.

    Interesting that Bashcraft would write an autobiographical piece in the third person...

    I thought that was the reason to cosplay, I must of been wrong.

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