Report: Steam Still Coming To Linux

Report: Steam Still Coming To Linux

Tech guru and Linux fan Michael Larabel says he was at Valve yesterday. And that while he was there, he was told that the company’s Steam platform is on its way to Linux operating systems.

While further details are to come later today when he has a chance to write everything up, Larabel did at least get the basics out via his Twitter account, saying not only is Valve working on Linux-compatible titles, but that Steam itself is coming to the platform.

Which is…good news for Linux users, I guess? It’s also a sign of just how much time and money Valve has, that it can dedicate people to getting their service up and running on a platform with such a (relatively) small user base.

Guess that’s what you get when you let your employees work on whatever the hell they want!

Readers with long memories may recall that in 2010 some British sites reported that Linux on Steam was a done deal, a report Valve themselves denied. It was also in 2010 that traces of a Linux version of Steam were found in the Mac OSX edition.

Michael Larabel [Twitter, via NeoGAF]


    • You’re only trading one set of problems for another. I play it safe and use all three of the big players.

    • Remember that Steam coming to Linux doesn’t mean all games available on Steam will work under Linux. It just means that Valve’s digital distribution platform will be able to developers who want to distribute Linux games. You will still need a Windows partition or Wine for those developers who don’t produce Linux versions.

      With that said, hopefully those developers who already have Linux ports will make them available through the existing licenses people have bought for other platforms.

  • If this is true, then I can finally ditch that windows partition – and Desura … what a turd that turned out to be. Steam isn’t much better (in my horrible opinion) but I would prefer only one steamer vying to control my gaming habits that prevents me from playing when it detects there a brand new gigabyte patch to download.

    BigSigh. Good and Bad.

    • No, it was Sony getting irate that someone hacked the software thus allowing users full access to the hardware.

      Sony did not like the fact that someone found a way to kick GameOS completely off the hardware and allowed users access to the graphics chip thus they removed the Linux feature.

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