Rest In Peace, Levon Helm

It's a funny thing, my relationship with The Band. They were a band that I wasn't super aware of for a long, long time — that era of rock was something of which I was mostly ignorant for most of my years growing up.

A few years after college, I watched Martin Scorsese's phenomenal film The Last Waltz (The trailer is above), and was like… "Oh. Wow, I have been missing out."

Today, Levon Helm, The Band singer with that incredible voice, passed away from throat cancer. Tonight seems like it might be a good time to sit back and watch The Last Waltz again, and remember this amazing era of music.

And if you've never really listened to The Band, that movie is a great place to start.

Thanks for all the music, Levon. Rest in peace.


    RIP Levon.

    "Music From Big Pink" by The Band is an album every music lover should own. It may not appeal to everyone at first, but it sure grows on you.

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