Riot Cops, Student Protesters Lock Down THQ’s New Video Game Studio

Riot Cops, Student Protesters Lock Down THQ’s New Video Game Studio

On Friday, THQ’s Montreal Studio — the big, fancy, new setup that Patrice is running — spent part of the day locked down as students and riot police clashed on the street directly outside its offices.

A few developers stuck inside looking down on it all sent us links to images from the showdown, which, while far from reaching South Korean standards of student devastation, still showed Canadians know how to break things publicly when they feel like it.

The students were protesting Canada’s controversial Plan Nord, which would see increased development in the wilderness above the 49th parallel in Quebec. They were not protesting THQ’s plans to re-shape Dark Millennium as a singleplayer experience.

Students clash with police at anti-Plan Nord demonstration [Montreal Gazette]

Top photo: Anne Sutherland


      • What does this have to do with gaming culture? A protest unrelated to gaming caused a kerfuffle outside some offices, one of which happened to be the office of a game company? Just how interested in this are you? Would you like to be notified when a water main bursts near an EB games, or when someone gets stuck in a lift in a building that is over the road from another building that houses a games developer? Get real.

      • this isnt a gaming culture article, its a something happened outside my window completely unreleated to what im doing article

        • Indeed, an article called ”Homeless man shits himself across from EA offices in LA” would be just as relevant as this article.

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