Rocking Your Face With Nothing But Audio From Mass Effect 3

Many video game remixes combine tracks from a game's soundtrack into a new-sounding creation. That's all well and good, but with "Space Effect," remixers Reverse Enginears take it one step further, creating an entire tune out of nothing but music and sound effects from Mass Effect 3.

It's a neat bit of mixing that combines looping video synched up with its corresponding sound effect, along with the many low undulating synths and computer-sounds of the game.

Best of all, it merges Clint Mansell's emotional (perhaps even manipulative) piano chords with Jack Wall's galaxy map music ("New Worlds"), which has long been one of my all-time favourite Mass Effect tracks.

Great stuff. This video is the first in an ongoing collaboration with Polygon, which means we should get to hear more from Reverse Enginears. Which is good news, indeed! Now, let's talk about that name…

'Space Effect,' a video remix from Reverse Enginears [Polygon]


    I'm surprised Kirk hasn't posted up about Gametrailers excellent new Show Back Track which is currently doing a 3 part Mass Effect Special based on the music on the games with interviews from the composers.

    It's great stuff.

    That mashup of Mansell, the Galaxy Map theme and the Citadel/Presidium themes from ME/ME3 is absolutely amazing.

      I agree. Amazing work. I also agree with Kirk that the chord progression by Mansell was maipulative but it was used perfectly. Also reflected the delicate balance and theme of organic v synthetic life.

    As soon as i played the Legion mission inside the server, i immediatly thought the gun sounded like shooting a dub-step beat.

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