Rumour: The Wii U Has $180 Worth Of Parts, Won't Be Sold Under $300

Citing unidentified sources, Mike Gwilliam of the Forget the Box media collective has reported that the full bill of materials for the Wii U comes to about $US180, with roughly $US50 of that going to the controller. As Nintendo calculates labour, marketing and other costs, we're to expect a machine costing no less than $US300 at retail, Gwilliam reports.

His sources speak in deep specifics, so I greatly recommended visiting the full article to read and judge it for yourself. Of note, though, Nintendo is said to be greatly concerned "with cutting production costs to maximise profits," says one of the unnamed sources. "Nintendo wants investors to view Wii U as a less risky proposition." As well they should; Nintendo's stock price is at a seven-year low and its president, we assume, still is working at a half-off discount following the 3DS' poor launch.

As for the $US300 price, Forget the Box notes that many costs can pile up, such as software, shipping, packaging, among others. So again, $US180 is just the raw parts cost. See the link if you want specific prices on the new console's components.

Rumor: Wii U's Total Bill of Materials Estimated at $US180 [Forget the Box. h/t Deer Huntress]


    I would have though everyone in the world would buy it if was less than $150. At >$300, I'm definetely waiting for PS360.

    Historically Nintendo has always charged $200 for their consoles at launch with the exception of the Wii which weighed in at $250. Given the lesson they undoubtedly learned with the 3DS, and the cost of the Wii U's components (if this is accurate), it seems like they're aiming for the $250 price point again .

    Yeah Sony and Microsoft will be $800

      Sony and MS usually sell at a loss at launch. Nintendo tend to want the hardware to be profitable from day 1. So while they'll certainly be more expensive, the gap is unlikely to be all that huge. Sony, especially, would probably be doing all they can to hit a reasonable price after the caning they copped over the PS3 launch price.

    the 3DS failed because there were no games that were out with it that were half decent.

    Pokemon Black/White came out 6 months after the japanese release on DS. yes, on that old system.

    the new pokemon games are coming out on DS too.

    the 3ds will sell when it has a selection of printing money games

      Errr, the 3DS never "failed". It just wasn't selling as expected initially.
      Right now, it's selling more than the DS was at this point in time.
      It's doing fantastically.

        yeah, it picked up when they dropped the price point and started releasing stuff that wasn't shovelware. But I can assure you, once pokemon and others are released sales wil spike.

          It was just announced that 3DS is outselling PS3, PSP, and Vita - COMBINED. Yeah I predict it will pick up in the future too. /sarcasm

    If it really does launch at $300 USD you can bet it will be at least $600 in Australia.

      Funninly enough you can pre-order at EBgames website for $599.95.

        Yeah, but EB just pull a number out of their ass, and make it high so that they don't have to risk people cancelling pre-orders because the price increased.

    I just went and read the full article and there is a paragraph that's kinda got me worried,

    'Nintendo chose an economical GPU and CPU that could keep up with the performance of today’s current consoles, but keep hardware costs down to maximize profits. Nintendo got a bargain price on the custom GPU and CPU that the Wii U uses.'

    While I can understand like most people have that Nintendo wish to make a profit off their consoles day 1, and getting your GPU and CPU at a 'bargan' is a good way of achieving that goal, I can't help but be worried by the article claiming that the Wii U can keep up with the performance of today’s current consoles.

    This sort of comment seems to be popping up every so often and in my opinion it is not a good thing. A next gen console shouldn't be trying to compete with its predecessors, but instead look to their successors as their true competition.

      The Wii U is not a next gen console. It'll have about the same 'power' as current gen consoles (PS3 & 360). Nintendo have never said that the Wii U will be next gen. Its just their next console.

        I forgot to add that I think it will be a waste of money.

      the Nintendo is aimed a a different market compared to the PS3 and Xbox so therefore doesn't need to match the processing power of them. saying that if the power is comparable to the current gen consoles, its a vast improvement on the current Wii

        I agree it's a vast improvement over the Wii. But let's not forget as one of their aims for this generation, Nintendo stated they wish to gain a foothold in the 'hardcore' demographic, the demographic that is predominantly catered for by both Sony and Microsoft. If they wish to gain some of this demographic they'll be putting themselves directly at odds with Microsoft and Sony, which means they'll be directly competing with the PS Orbis and 720, not the PS3 and 360.

    you do realise that there are huge associated costs with product development, not just the cost of the 'parts'?

    If the Wii U really is graphically similar to PS3 & 360, their core games will look so yesterday compared to PS4 & 720.. which points to a repeat of their "kiddy market" strategy..

      I disagree, Nintendo's first party games have, and will always look amazing, simply because they realise that putting effort into an art style produces better results and ages better than striving for photorealism.

    Wii was my only last gen console purchase, but I am not interested in Nintendo's direction this time. I was pretty disappointed by GameCube, and the Wii skipped many of my favorite franchises from the N64 days (Wave Race, PilotWings and F-Zero). Props for releasing more Zelda and Mario titles though. These days I've moved to PC digital downloads for virtually all my new games, and don't see a way that Nintendo can get me back as a customer. Thanks for the memories.

    I dont give a monkeys uncle about power. I switch between playing my PS3 & Wii fairly often. Im not a graphics slave, i'd take Mario World over Uncharted any day.
    Bring on the Wii U;)

      If you don't care about graphics then you should be hoping Nintendo just keeps releasing games on the Wii forever so you don't have to upgrade.

        Yes, because that's how innovation happens, by not releasing any new hardware. Tool.

    300 bucks? One less sale for you, Nintendo.

    I think it makes sense for Nintendo to stick with current-gen tech - not as a gamer, but as a ... well ... whatever we call ourselves here. In three years time, when Orbis and Durango are very expensive, the Wii-U will not be. It has the two most important selling points for families: it won't be overly expensive, and backwards compatibility. Parents of five year olds don't care about graphics, as little as the five year olds do. If it can render Mario and Pokemon characters with the same detail you get today on Ps3 and 360, parents won't notice, or care. As much as Nintendo talk about wanting 'core' gamers back that's not who they're making the Wii-U for.
    I'd like a more powerful Wii-U but it'll probably end up, to us at least, underwhelming - but it won't be to parents (and their kids) who already like their Wii.

    If they keep bringing out Mario and Zeldas then I'll continue to buy their consoles, but I'm decking out my PC for most of my gaming now.

    The awesome experience I had today teaching my 4 year old niece to play Epic Yarn on wii is unmatched by any turbocharged console. And I even sold my sister & her partner on the Wii U just by showing last years e3 video.
    Bring it on I say

    It's par for the course for Nintendo at this point, to release a $250-300 USD device that costs a lot less to produce, so they'll start making profits from launch, instead of taking a hit with loss leader consoles, in the hope of recouping it later.

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