Scarlet Red PlayStation 3 Looks Set For Release In Australia

So a red PlayStation eh? That's a bit weird. The kind of thing that you would expect to see in Japan, but not in Australia. We Australians like our high end technology black, or possibly white if we're feeling a little fruity. Regardless, it's looking like Sony is about to release a red PlayStation 3 here in Australia.

Sony hasn't officially announced it yet, but a pre-order page has been found on EB's website, with a release date (May 31) and price ($458). This doesn't 100% confirm anything, but it looks extremely likely that the red PS3 will be available soon.

Officially the colour is Scarlet Red, and the SKU looks to be the 320GB PS3.

My PS3 recently suffered the dreaded YLOD, and I've stolen the office console as a result, maybe I might pick up a little red number.

Thanks BenJ


    I hope they release a see through console. I loved the see through Gameboy.

      Totally. I had one of these back in the day;

      I assume it has something to do with the laser that reads the disc?

      Haha, wow. I remember when clear consoles and accessories were the rage.

      "ZOMG I CAN SEE INSIDE hahshxnahdhejiqiwiwiqiwifjcnxmaman"

      I do like them though. Haha.


    Wait... *looks around* THIS ISN'T YOUTUBE!

    But seriously, that is quite a sexy console. Plaaaaaystation in reeeeeeed!

    Ah yes, the rare, but much hated YLOD. My first fat PS3 got one of them, and it would've cost Sony $250 to repair it. Thankfully managed to snag one of the $200 ones on the Catch of the Day fire sale. Lost all my saves though which made me sad :(

      My fat PS3 got the YLOD a few months ago - at least it lasted five years, I guess. Sony wanted to charge me $175 to repair it, though, not $250. Losing all my saves made me sad, too. As did the three weeks it took Sony to get their act together and allow me to re-download all my Singstar songs.

        Open a portable drive, replace the disk inside with the one from your old PS3, hook up to PC, copy over save games.... transfer to PS3.


    if you have a normal black ps3 and dont have the money to buy this, might i suggest console stickers, or custom made case?

      or paint? or coloured glasses? I'm just going to pretend mine's red.

        Great idea. The Uncharted 3 console sticker that came with a Collector's Edition at a bricks and mortar store has served me well. Looks great!

    Got to say, I'm feeling lucky. I've had my PS3 since the Christmas period of the launch year, and never run into any trouble - and it has pretty much constant use as my media centre/PlayTV thingy.

    I know little about this console. This isn't backwards compatible any more is it?

      The only models with backwards compatibility were the launch 20gb and 60gb models (and for us in Asstralia it was emulation-based and fairly limited to begin with). They pulled it out pretty quickly.

    Well this year I finally managed to get myself a 360, psp and a DSi. Perhaps it's about time I get a ps3 as well. Though not totally sold on the red, would have much preferred one of those FF ps3's.

    who cares what colour it is, a price hike purely because of a 2cent paint spray is pointless

      Wondering if you've seen the sexy gold One Piece themed PS3 that's coming out in Japan...

      not really a price hike the console does include two controllers, rather than the standard one...

    Since when do we like our consoles plain, explain please.

    I'd rather they bring one out in the beautiful piano black the fat's used to be in, instead of that cheap-looking matte black the slim is in.

    I love a sun-burnt console

    Yep, the shiny black of the fat models was awesome. Having said that though my Slim is still whirring away with no stress whatsoever, despite being my media hub with play TV, and therefore being on 90% of the time. I'll taker a functioning console regardless of the colour, thanks


      That was already released... it was the first different colour they released...

        When the hell did that come out? I've never seen one in stores, and I go to JB and EB at least twice a week.

    Just re-release that FFXIII Lightning console in White & Pink in Oz and I will be first in line...

    Very sexy console indeed.

    It's painted with the blood of the execs who let great PS3 franchises go multi platform.

      Bingo. The cables are insulated with their intestines.

    Instead of people going after Apple. Go after Sony and their ridiculous prices for hardware and software

      Yeah since I paid 399 for 200gb ps3 with 3 games about 18 months ago

    Price is pretty high for this. You could probably DIY paint your current PS3 for under $100 and make it any colour you want... yellow.. green, red, etc. Not hard and still fun to DIY.

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