Scott Pilgrim's Creator Designed This Adorable Mario Level When He Was A Kid

Canadian comics man Bryan Lee O'Malley, the creator, artist and writer behind Scott Pilgrim, obviously grew up loving video games. So much so that he was designing his own Super Mario Bros. levels.

Here's one he drew around 1990. Rubine City. A city with sewers! Which not only looks incredibly detailed, but also claustrophobic and impossible. Which may explain why he went into comics and not video game design.

Did anyone else do this as a kid? Like he says in his blog post showing off the image, "i have like a ton of this stuff". I remember wasting entire days at school designing new levels for Super Star Wars and, for some reason, Landstalker.

Super Mario [RADIOMARU]


    I used to do this sort of stuff as a kid all the time.

    We used to draw the maps for certain games (I can't remember which) in school and me and my friends would discuss strategies etc.

    I used to do stuff like this all the time. Then I found Game Maker in highschool and it's a hobby I've never stopped using.

    I remember making Crash Bandicoot levels with wooden colorful blocks, lego and THE POWAR OF IMAGINATION!

    I once has a whole 6 levels of a side scrolling shoot-em-up ala Gradius drawn up - one level per A3 page, fully illustrated, with enemies, level descriptions, bosses, drawings of the levels.. Ahh memories

    Whenever free time rolled around in primary school, most of the boys in my class would draw dangerous dave levels, and then try to complete each others.
    Ah the nostalgia, jetpacks and sea weed erry where!

    Oooooooold news.

    Seriously how often do you look at his blog? Annually?

    that's exactly how i wasted all my math grid notebooks..... drawing games in it.

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