See All Of Ocarina Of Time's Overworld Remapped In A Link To The Past's Style

Continuing today's theme of "Superhuman Efforts that Deserve a Standing Ovation", we now turn our attention to The Legend of Zelda. MaJoRa, a member of the Zelda Fan Game Central community, has rendered all of the overworld from Ocarina of Time in the 2D style of A Link to the Past.

This is a project that proceeded, literally, pixel-by-pixel, over the course of nearly two years. This thread at ZFGC basically documents all of that work, which MaJoRa announced as completed on Friday. He began back in June 2010. (That is the Kokiri Forest above).

"Not to say this project is over by a long shot, I am going to see how far I can take this," MaJoRa writes. "I feel like ending now is too soon, I will find a new way to step this up." He is taking suggestions and constructive criticism about his work, more of which may be seen at the link below.

OOT2D Map Project [Zelda Fan Game Central via Zelda Universeh/t reader Bastian Bux]


    Would be good if I could actually see any of it, as he's now gone over his bandwidth for photo bucket :(

    Here ya go bud!

    i remember something called ocarina of time 2d.... project died as did the creator (or so we believe?)

    would love to see this get up and going for a oot2d game

      I think it was just a pipedream. Any attempt at a 2D Ocarina died with that guy's disappearance/death. Plus there are a tonne of elements that simply wouldn't work in 2D like the Water Temple, or half the more complicated puzzles.

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