Shadow Of The Colossus And Donkey Kong? On One T-Shirt?

Shadow Of The Colossus And Donkey Kong? On One T-Shirt?

TeeFury is a site which puts a single T-Shirt up, for one day only. If you do not buy that T-Shirt on that day it is gone forever. Today’s shirt is the above little number — an awesome mixture of Shadow of the Colossus and Donkey Kong. I’m not usually a fan of wearing game shirts — I like to dress like a posh lumberjack — but I could be convinced with this one…

Actually, now that I think about it. Right now I’m wearing a really rubbish Pac Man shirt. Maybe I do like wearing game shirts.

Anyway — bottom line — this is cool and I like it.

Thanks Doss!


    • They’ve had some pretty rad game designs in the past, mashups between the things you love and the other things you love. Also they love Doctor Who designs and firefly stuff.

      • Just signed up. I’m not usually an impulse buyer, and now I feel kinda guilty. But hey, in 2-5 weeks, I’ll feel guilty IN MY AWESOME SHIRT.

        God-dammit Mark.

  • Just a minor correction: the shirts are sometimes still available from the artist’s website or an affiliate of the artist, just nowhere near as cheap. So if you miss it on teefury, chances are you can still get that awesome design.

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