Skype Now Available On PS Vita, But Who’s Going To Call?

Skype Now Available On PS Vita, But Who’s Going To Call?
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When Nokia launched the N-Gage, gamers revolted at the idea that you’d hold a taco-shaped thing up to your head to talk. Will we all look any more dignified shouting into a PS Vita? We’ll all get the chance to find out, as the official Skype app is now available in Australia.

The official release — I’m not within range of my Vita at the moment, so haven’t been able to test it out — notes that it’ll work on both the 3G and Wi-Fi models, and runs in the background, so you can pause games, take calls and then return to gameplay seamlessly. Mark’s obviously not a big fan of the concept, but I’m waiting to see how well it works, basically.

The thought strikes me that it could be a not-so-great way to burn through 3G data caps if it’s in an always-on state, but as I say, I’ve not given it any hands-on time as yet. Skype for Vita will use both the front and rear cameras, so you could give your caller a fine view of your lap depending on where you’re holding it. It’s a free app that should now show up in the “Social” category of the Playstation Store.


  • I actually had a N-gage when it was first released, lasted for like 12 months before i sold it for about 100 bucks (for its time)

    • Oh that sucks. I charged mine up last weekend to get all nostagliaery and play some Tomb Raider. It was great fun!

  • I can definitely understand that some Vita users will never even touch this thing, the same way many might not care about Near.

    However, I’m of the opinion that more choices – even if they don’t suit everyone – is always a good thing.

    Some people will use this app (like me), and it’s another point of differentiation between similar devices – and speaks to important company support for a device.

    I’ve heard that this will also allow you to continue on a phonecall without needing to pause the game, which would be awesome if true – hello, cross-game chat.

    • Does ANYONE in Australia have Near working? Mine just can’t get location data, I’ve tried a bunch of access points and I submitted my thing to skyhook 6 weeks ago. It’s broken as hell.

      • I do, i found out after researching, you need to give your GPS coordinates and MAC address to the skyhook. They (unfortunately) don’t email you when it’s done, but after 2 weeks for me it was working.

        You may need to also do a back up and a restore of the Vita to get it working. After submission to skyhook it said it found my location, but always came up with an error which was fixed after i did a backup and restore.

  • I’ll definitely use this. The interface looks pretty sleek, like the Twitter application.
    It will be good for IM convos.

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