Skyrim Gets Patched -- Just Not For The PS3, Yet

PC players of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim got another crash-resolving update, an incremental uptick from patch 1.5. Xbox 360 and, more importantly, PlayStation 3 gamers? They remain stuck at 1.4, a patch now going on two months old, and for the PS3, still subject to a "bad memory situation", which means a crash.

That patch has been submitted to Microsoft and Sony, so, insert snark about PSN and Xbox Live updates here. But Bethesda reported that submission 10 days ago, so we're still twiddling our thumbs while Sony and Microsoft pass judgment. And while the PC patch notes say this will resolve a crash on "loading certain plugins" that is PC only. We'll have to wait to see what this patch specifically addresses for the consoles. The PC patch notes are here.

At the DICE Summit in February, Bethesda's lead designer, Todd Howard, tried to explain why Skyrim on the PS3 was so problematic. He got into a bit of a jam when he seemed to acknowledge that developers knew gamers could run into a problem in the memory and tried to adjust the code to prevent it, but were, evidently, unsuccessful. Bethesda later clarified to Kotaku that they thought they took care of that problem before the game shipped. It still persists, though Bethesda says it affects "a small percentage" of users.

Incremental PC Update Live on Steam [Bethesda Blog]


    I have yet to experience any problems with skyrim on PS3 yet. I started playing after the 1.4 patch. Been playing for 60+ hours. the only small problem was an infinite load screen once.

    Having played Skyrim since launch for PS3 i would say there has definitely been some improvements because of the patches. However i would say that i have still had problems:

    Sometimes my book cases still mess up.
    Sometimes my armor stands still mess up.
    Sometimes my dragons still fly backwards.
    Sometimes the game loses frame rate in areas i have already explored/ effected a great deal of change

    I believe these are common issues with a lot of people, though they have been reduced, but they are still there.

    Also just so everyone is aware i am using a Slim 250Gb console that is about a year old.

      Console age shouldn't make a shit of difference.

      I'm really glad I got my copy on 360. PS3 users so often get shafted like this, it really is depressing. If you can't release a version that is stable on all of the platforms you are offering it on, then don't offer it on them all.

      I don't think any other industry would get away with making a product that is essentially broken and then promise to get around to fixing it.

        Yea, but uh, if they didnt release it on PS3 at all "cause we can't make it work good' or even just stalled the release for PS3 (or all platforms) that would probably cause a much bigger shitstorm then the "small percentage" of users affected by this. Still, I'm all for games WORKING on day one (if that ever happens in the future).

          in situations like this when a company says only a 'small percentage', what they mean is, a percentage that *might* be less than 100%

            Yeah. Typical PR spin bullshit. You also have to look at how catastrophic some of the problems were.

            There is no reason gamers should be so tolerant of such poor service.

        Just because some software has some bugs (minor bugs), doesn't mean the entire game is broken. If it didn't launch then I'd understand your concerns. But not being able to wear a pumpkin helmet on your level 61 Human Dickhead doesn't mean the game is broken. If you can't accept the fact that a piece of software will contains flaws, then don't buy it. At least they are being proactive, acknowledging the problems and trying to fix them.

        I'm ok with the delay, as long as when it hits it doesn't introduce major problems.

      Apart from once seeing a dragon fly backwards, I've never seen any of those problems. I do however have a terrible frame rate and several quests that have totally glitched. My their can't join the thieves guild. Awesome.

    that's an awesome codpiece

    dam ..what can u say , sykrim , one of the best games i have played , but now into over 130 hours ,and it has been impossible to play, due to the chronic lag , at the moment 5 second play to a 1/2 second freeze waiting with my fingers crossed this patch will not only fix it , but the patch will be released soon ..

    Johnny what a stupid attitude. "If you expect a workable product then don't buy it" !!!

    Would that be acceptable with medicines or car parts ? Yes games don'need to held to those standards but why shouldn't consumers get what is a reasonable outcome ie a game that has no major flaws.

    I've got a PS3 80gb, and literally every save file I have gets the infinite loading screen, I waited 10 minutes to see if it would load, but it didn't. I have no idea how to fix it and if there is no patch to fix this, it's goodbye skyrim and no DLC for me.

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