Skyrim Patch Files Hint At An Incoming Snow Elf Prince And Crossbows

Hints of what's coming next for Skyrim may be buried in the latest patch for Bethesda's hit action/RPG.

Enthusiast site RipTen brings word of a BethSoft forum user's discovery of files related to the animation of a Snow Elf character and a crossbow weapon:

















In the lore of The Elder Scrolls V, the Snow Elves have been driven underground by the Nords. But the in-game legends about the mystical race make it sound like they're former badarses who've been laid low and are ripe for revenge.

Bethesda's already on record as saying that DLC for Skyrim will be rolling out in the style of expansion packs and these files certainly make it seem like that plan will be going into effect.

Skyrim DLC Hinted At in Latest Game Files, Includes Snow Elves & Crossbows [RipTen]


    I'm over Skyrim but new content may bring me back

    I'd need more details about the snow elves, but CROSSBOWS. I thought Bethesda said they were unbalanced but I'd love to see them in Skyrim.

    I've finished Skyrim and I'm over it also. Also, the Falmer and the Dwemer ruins were probably my least favourite aspect of the game. Those dungeons just kept... on... going...

    is that the mighty Yoghurt from Spaceballs in that picture?

    Im still playing Skyrim! Over 100 hours now logged, about 80 of them on one character. I was wondering if we'dget Snow Elves - its about time we did. These files are looking much like the seeds for an expansion rather than a patch though.

    I can't help but ask "we need more content?" I played for about 50 hours before I got burnt out and I only covered a fraction of the game, can't imagine spending enough time to see everything!

    I got over 600 hrs into it., Im on my third character. I havent really got burned out. I think creating a new character and trying new things brings some things to the table. First was a nord built in heavy armor/one handed/block the 2nd argonian dual fire/sneak and then 3rds a argonain built for bow/sneak. Im having a blast with the bow since the update and the kill cam:) so if you played a game 50 hrs and arent into it anymore, youd be better off waiting till the game of the year. by then you had probably forgot most the stuff and it would be like playing the game for the first time with all the new content. thats just me though.

    I rarely use a bow, but if they brought our crossbows I'd use them. I am happy the DLC's will be expansion packs, i wouldn't have expected anything thing lessform Bethusda, and as for more content, YES we need it, I still play Fallout New Vegas occasionally and have all the DLC's, I call Skyrim - Fallout with dragons.

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