Skyrim's 'Arrow In The Knee' Makes A Guest Appearance On NCIS

I used to think the CBS Naval Intelligence procedural NCIS was a show aimed squarely at the extremely mature crowd, until a recent episode took an arrow in the knee.

So the NCIS writers were a little late to the party; they've got a production schedule to adhere to. The fact that they managed to work the famous Skyrim line into an episode via geek viewer conduit character McGee is a praiseworthy feat. Hell, they even name drop Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'm almost inclined to forgive them for tossing that "dorky role-playing games" line in there.

My parents watch this show religiously. I can only imagine how confused they were at this point.

NCIS - McGee took an arrow in the knee [Youtube via Reddit]


    Still the worst show on TV.

    Could've been worse. Still the worst show on TV (2.5 Men has been cancelled, right?)

      Pfft, we wish. :/

    Wow, that whole exchange was cringworthy. Why do people watch this crap?

    I thought it was arrow *to* the knee? Haven't watched the clip, just read the writing.

      The actual quote is "in".

        Ah, in the game? Meant to also add that I haven't played it myself, just seen the internettery :P

    One of the worst shows on tv.

    Worst? lol... I love NCIS + NCIS:LA

    Oh well, I guess the joke is dead now. That's how you kill memes, you try to make it "mainstream" and insert it in places to get more attention.

    Like how nobody Rick Rolls anymore.

      True, but they way they used the skyrim gag on BBT was pretty cool

        Gods Dammit!!!!!

        Taht was awesome

    NCIS is great!

    Wow, surprised by all the NCIS hate. The show must be SO bad, that's why it's in its 9th season, right?

      Yes, quality always dictates popularity. Wii Fit is the best game ever made, y'know?

        You mean quantity right?

    "dorky role playing games DERP!" actually TBH the use of the joke here isn't bad....even enough to make me smile

    Protip, they're soldering a PCIe board into a "router".

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