So... Double Fine. Could You Please Explain Yourself?

So it seems as though Tim Schafer's studio Double Fine, of mega Kickstarter fund raising fame, has just uploaded a video on Vimeo. And, get this, it looks like an adventure game. This couldn't be that Double Fine Adventure game everyone threw money at... could it?

It's a pretty easy connection to make. I first saw the vid on ex journo/343 developer David Ellis' twitter. According to Tim himself it's all just a marvellous dream.

The video was at this link, but it has now been deleted!

Hmmm. Interesting...


    Ew it's my dirty hipster friend, killit!

    It looked like a proof of concept video showcasing how depth could be used in the game. Nothing more.

    Video's been deleted from Vimeo.

    Oh god, that character is ridiculously hipster...everything about him....*shudder*

      When did redneck lumberjack become hipster???

        No really lumber jacks fault that hipsters started dressing like them. However, you can tell this is a hipster and not a genuine lumberjack because he's wearing drain pipes.

          Fair point, that and the lack of an axe... no hipster in history would have the upper body strength to tote around one anyhow...

    Glad I didn't fund this POS. What a joke. This asshole is laughing all the way to the bank.

      So you're condemning the game and calling it a piece of shit based on that one screen? Glad to see everyone is still rational.

    It's more likely that the video was accidentally left as viewable to all and DF have removed that, so it's only able to be seen when embedded at Double Fine's backer forums. My proof? I just saw the vid on the forum.

    Also, this is NOT a character from the game. It's a test concept as they try to find the look & feel for the game.

    There has been a lot of discussion about whats going to happen to first people who intentionally leak DFA news... 87,000 backers makes for a fun DDOS.

    Also the character looks like one of DF's animators.. so yeah..testing.

      I think it's a test too. I've seen that dude on a bunch of comics, but I doubt he's in the game.

        As someone posted earlier it is definitely a test, it says so on the official backer forums.

    So many idiots in the youtube comments of the video.
    Its called a prealpha, and people wonder why companies don't allow people to see WIPs generally. Because this happens.

    Stop and think for a moment how the early concepts for Psychonauts must have looked. Don't panic.

    Blah blah blah hipsters blah. Shut uuuuuuuup.

    Pfft, obviously they are just testing out things.

    This is likely the game Ron Gilbert was working on at Double Fine, not the Double Fine Adventure.

    Im a backer of the double fine adventure and this video was posted in a private forum topic. This video was just demonstation/ test of the lighting and depth. The character is just some stock lumberjack character they used and thats why it's poorly animated.

    Lol Tim would get murdered if this was the game DF are making.

    And now the dark side of these high-profile Kickstarter funded games is revealed...

    "It's way to colourful - GIVE ME BROWN!!!"
    "That ending OMG! Terrible! I SPENT MONEY ON THAT S#!T?"
    "Nobody understands blah blah blah MONEY BACK!!!"


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