So There's A Tron Cartoon, And It Looks OK!

As advertised back in 2010, in June, Disney will begin airing a new cartoon series based on Tron. Not the old Tron. The new one.

Seeing as the last movie felt like a gorgeous cartoon that went for a bit too long, breaking the art style down into 23-minute animated shorts seems like a no-brainer.

Shame Olivia Wilde won't be in it. On the upside, some other very talented people are featuring, such as Bruce Boxleitner, Mandy Moore, Lance Henriksen and Elijah Wood.


    Now do an article about the Legend of Korra getting leaked.

    Looks great! Tron, both old and new, totally rocks :) The style is a bit out there, but I thought the same about Clone Wars when it started. Now it just seems... right!

    I didn't get the hate for Tron Legacy. I grew up with Tron, being born in 77. I think a lot of people remembered Tron for what they *wanted* it to be, not what it actually was. Remembering bits like the light cycles, the ball and glove and the tanks as much more than the really were, remembering the scenes as longer than they were etc. When Legacy came out, it was a far more coherent movie. The original was still a good movie but not the brilliant setpiece it was made out to be by any means. This cartoon looks damn interesting and I can't wait to see it, I'm glad Disney has greenlit Tron 3, I cannot wait for that either :D

      I first saw Tron back in 2009 when it was screened as part of the Game On exhibition up at Brisbane, and I thought it was fantastic. Got super psyched when I heard about Legacy, saw it at Imax and it was amazing.

        I saw Tron a few days before I saw Tron: Legacy, and I have to say, that was some of the coolest filmwork I've ever seen. I love both films with a passion.

    Looking forward to this, read about it a few months ago when ironically i was looking up about Olivia Wilde and about Tron.

    my head did this.

    New Tron = jimmy Nutron = Firy Odd Partns = Fairsy = Poneys. There for Tron and MLPA are connected.... and I not even in to MLPA.....

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