Sony Introduces New Hardware For PS3 Digital Recording And Streaming

Sony's Japan-only digital recording system, Torne, is getting an upgrade. Say hello to Nasne.

Outfitted with a 500GB HDD, Nasne comes with an onboard digital and terrestrial tuner.

Using Torne's software, Nasne can record and stream to a variety of Sony devices — such as the PS3, the PS Vita, the Vaio, the Sony Tablet, and Experia smartphones.

Nasne is priced at ¥16,980 (US$210) and will be out this July in Japan. No word on a Western release.

ついにPS3でBS&CS放送が録画可能に! PS3、PS Vita、VAIOなどSONY機器と連動するTVレコーダー『nasne(ナスネ)™』 [Kotaku Japan]

(Top photo: 4Gamer)


    is it possible to use that as extra storage place to install games? 40gb fat PS3 doesnt have much space and I'm too lazy to upgrade my hard disk

      You can upgrade your hard drive with other third party laptop hard drives!

    Hopefully this is a sign Play tv 2 will be announced this year, been holding out for it for a while now. appears to work as a wireless media box and HDD, so you don't have to use up the HDD

      Sure can. Mine came with 80gb, popped it out and slapped in a 500gb. Just don't go 1tb, its too physically big for the drive bay, unless they've fixed the bulk issue some of them had?

        its only to big if you buy one in a larger form factor. if you buy a 2.5inch hdd 1TB its going to be 2.5inch not a 3.5inch

    Only about 5 years too late.

    If it lets you by pass cinivia then it's good. If not it makes my two ps3's for media centers still the same paper weights they are today.

      i just stream everything to the ps3 using Vuze. guess that doesn't help for files stored on the ps3 though

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