Sony Lists Next God Of War For 2013 Release

Sony Lists Next God Of War For 2013 Release

The official God of War: Ascension listing has the upcoming action-adventure game slated for a (northern) spring 2013 release. One player only! [Sony via @JimReilly]


  • Not surprised, book it in for March… still not sure I’m convinced about another prequel, but I love the series so I know I will buy it anyway, guess that means they already won right! lol

    • Yeah, same here. Count me in, too.

      Good to see they’re not forcing multiplayer in there, too. It’s really not suited to it.

    • Actually came in to say it will be out Q1 next near around march, pretty sure GoWIII did? Gah that means i have to pick up the slowly diminsishing stock of the GoW collection 1 from Kmart soon, getting very hard to find now

  • Yes, pleased to see they’re not wasting efforts on a multiplayer game that I will never play. I thought I was over GoW, but I love it and I know I won’t be able to resist buying this one.

    • Oh? What makes you say its a prequel?
      I thought its a continuation?

      Surprised its not called GoW: Revelations
      since everything is called “Revelations” nowadays…

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