Sony Lists Next God Of War For 2013 Release

The official God of War: Ascension listing has the upcoming action-adventure game slated for a (northern) spring 2013 release. One player only! [Sony via @JimReilly]


    Not surprised, book it in for March... still not sure I'm convinced about another prequel, but I love the series so I know I will buy it anyway, guess that means they already won right! lol

      Yeah, same here. Count me in, too.

      Good to see they're not forcing multiplayer in there, too. It's really not suited to it.

      Actually came in to say it will be out Q1 next near around march, pretty sure GoWIII did? Gah that means i have to pick up the slowly diminsishing stock of the GoW collection 1 from Kmart soon, getting very hard to find now

      I hope with all my heart that they revamp the gameplay to be more like a cross between Dark Souls' (a few hits kill easily) and Batman: Arkham style character maneuvering smoothness, the end result of the amalgamation looking something like this:

    Yes, pleased to see they're not wasting efforts on a multiplayer game that I will never play. I thought I was over GoW, but I love it and I know I won't be able to resist buying this one.

    This will be interesting! Not usually into prequels but I love the God of War series.

      Oh? What makes you say its a prequel?
      I thought its a continuation?

      Surprised its not called GoW: Revelations
      since everything is called "Revelations" nowadays...

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