Sony Might Be Teasing God Of War 4 On Facebook

At least that's what some people seem to think when looking at this teaser for a teaser. Kratos did want vengeance and was in need of redemption, after all. We'll all know if Kratos is coming back for more blood and fornication next week.


    Is there even anybody left for him to kill after GOW3?

      Off the top of my head Aphrodite was left alive (and Athena i guess) , but can't think of any important gods left off the top of my head that could possibly push a story. I think after the ending of GoW III, it will be very very hard to continue the plot and for it to make sense

      *spoiler alert*

      I mean he killed Hades and opened up the underworld, and killed Zeus, Kratos stabbed himself with a huge blade and the world is a shitstorm, how else do you continue from that?


      Though one of trophies you get from GoWIII was called "Vengeance complete", so very strong possibility this is GoWIV. As for what the whole plot is about....that's anyones guess

    He'll be collecting the dragon balls, so that he can revive them all, then kill them again.

    Aww man. I can't wait til the 4th day of the 19th Month. THat is just toooo far away!

    Dammit, I haven't even gotten around to #3 yet, can we put this off for another year? Thanks.

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