Sony Thinks It's Going To Lose Even More Money

Today, Sony doubled its forecast of annual loss to US$6.4 billion. This year will be the fourth year of losses for Sony. [BBC]


    Brian, this is not an article. The fact you are employed is mind-boggling. The fact that my comment is now longer than your entire article is disgraceful. Go jump.

      It's a bit of a disgrace when the image is larger than the article

    How about giving us the previous 4 years of losses, put a link in to the 10,000 staff cuts article posted earlier. I don't usually mind your articles but this one was pretty poor....

      Amazing... when the insult is more informative than the article itself you know the writer is really, truly shithouse.

        Exactly... Where is the opinion/analysis or other related facts? What are the reasons for the loss? I came into this article expecting information. Instead I could have just read the headline and moved on for all the articles content.

        Kotaku is becoming crap for news.

    Hahaha this should be considered the new standard, I am sorry but what the hell is the point of giving us one sentence?

      It's cool man, we got TWO! This is like a novel. War and Peace, move over!

      Two sentences. He exceeded your expectations by doing twice the work you thought he would. Truly incredible.

    Wow, i usually condemn people having a go at the writers of Kotaku but this is atrocious. How did this go to 'print'? You haven't even added any insight to the article?

    Pathetic as his journalism skill's are, this news makes me smile.

    Brian -- quit and set up a Twitter account. That way your journalistic integrity will be preserved and Kotaku can replace you with someone better.

    The picture is also very misleading - the main reason for Sony's losses is their TV division where they are getting totally beaten by Samsung and LG.

      It will have an effect on all divisions to cushion the impact.

        Ah information... pity it had to come from the comments rather than the article.

      This isn't just a Sony situation, though - all the Japanese companies are struggling. You think Sony is bad, take a look at Panasonic - they're expecting to lose $10.2bn. Sharp are also on track for a multi billion dollar loss.

        It's also interesting if you dig a little deeper...

        "It said this non-cash charge stemmed from revaluing US tax credits that are unlikely to be utilised due to its string of annual losses"

        This article is also a bit misleading when it says "this year". This loss applies to the year just ended at March 31, and it's basically a "paper" accounting loss. Their operating loss remained at approx $1.2b. They're still forecasting a return to profit in the current financial year ending March 2013.

    Brians just a paid troll.

    TV; failing
    Audio; all but lost
    Laptops; a nobody
    Gaming; always last place

    Are Sony doing well in ANY department?

      Always last place in gaming? The PS3 has outsold the 360 for the past 3 years running...

      dont get me wrong, I love my 360 but sony tvs are amazing and the best way to go if you take gaming seriously. One of the best things I ever did was buy a bravia.

    I have never complained about the quality of articles on Kotaku before, despite some shockers, but seriously? Whoever employs Mr Ashcraft, I would be happy to write 'articles' such as this one, for you, for half of whatever you are paying Ashcraft, it would only take me five minutes a day and we would both win from this situation.

      Julzz - you first need to have a name that can be changed into something like Bashcraft first before you may take the role of said Bashcraft.

      This is just awful reporting. Awful.

    I actually refreshed my page because I thought the article didn't load properly.....

    Still need to cut more words and syllables for true Haiku form Brian.

    He wrote articles,
    Autumn leaves began falling,
    Unemployment line.

    I don't know why I clicked this article, I'm glad I did. Greatest comments in internet history. Good Job

    If this was written by Mark Serrels, it'd be at least 50x longer and a compelling and interesting read.

    Even my comment here is longer than this article.

    On the American site they have these kind of comments tagged as Blip, so you know it's only going to be a one or two line waste of space with a picture. I think if we were displayed that without clicking in we might let him off, even if he is a waste of oxygen as a journalist.

    Kotaku has turned into Twitter. Articles are 140 characters or less....

    Sony ain't what it used to be in the eighties / nineties.

    Since some of us like more story in our stories, I've cobbled this together from two other articles from Afterdawn and the took me all of 5 minutes:

    Sony has forecasted a massive $6.4 billion annual net loss, well above their previous forecast of $3 billion.

    The grim forecast comes as Sony's new chief executive, Kazuo Hirai, prepares a turnaround plan, which he is expected to outline on Thursday. The company will have to write off deferred tax credits leading to the loss, which is Sony's fourth in a row.

    For the fiscal year ended March 2013, the company says it intends to have a profit of $2.2 billion, which a number investors should surely appreciate.

    Another Japanese-based titan, Sharp, posted a similar loss for the year this week, $4.67 billion.
    Sharp and Sony have been struggling to compete with South Korea's Samsung and LG who both have profitable TV units.

    New CEO Kaz Hirai has stated publicly that he is willing to take "painful steps" to return the company to profitability and has already announced 10,000 job cuts. The company blamed the record loss on tax charges related to its US business. The bane of the company is its TV business, which has lost $10 billion alone in the last decade. Sony will reveal the full results on May 21st.

    My god. My son is 4 and can write longer stories about his afternoon nap.

    The lesson here, is that naps are awesome.

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