Sony's Smash Bros. Rip-Off Is Looking For A Name

The first-party fighting game it seems Sony is almost certainly working on doesn't have a proper name beyond a working title of "Title Fight". Most people just call it "that Sony Smash Bros. game", since in concept it sounds almost identical to Nintendo's famous brawling franchise.

Going by these images though, it looks like Sony might finally be fishing for a title. They're asking via survey what the consumer thinks about the name "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale". There's a scale of 1-10, 1 being "does not fit at all" and 10 being what looks like "fits very well".

There doesn't seem to be a 0, representing "nothankyou.jpg".

First revealed last year, the title - in development at SuperBot Entertainment - is supposedly a fighting game which features, among others, Nathan Drake, Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth, Killzone's Colonel Radec, Fat Princess, Kratos, Sly Cooper and even Parappa the Rappa.

Rumor: Sony Super Smash Bros Game to be Titled "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale" [PSLS]


    Sony really stepping up their efforts to copy exactly every thing nintendo does.

    Who else predicts a PSP with 3D capabilities in the next couple years?

      God forbid anyone but Nintendo make an all-stars mascot game, even though the final product would probably not even be remotely similar right?

        Shh, let the fanboy have his rant, or baby will goto bed cranky.

          Oh sorry. I didn't realise having an opinion made me a fanboy. You can argue that the end products will be completely different, however, you have to admit that the idea was most likely based off the success of Smash Bros.

          When you couple this with the recent Nintendo innovations that Sony has initially dismissed, and then flat out copied (motion sensor, touch screen), it's a perfectly valid claim.

          'God forbid' anyone make an observation in a video game blog's comments...

            Yeah because there were no such things as touch screens before Nintendo, you should really think a little more next time

    I think Playstation All stars Title fight is a better name or just Playstation All Star Brawl.

    Who got this pic exactly? not to be a naysayer but the screenshot looks like it could easily be faked.
    Not to mention the fact that the survey is said to be powered by Qualtrics, who do not list Sony or Superbot as their clients.

    Just sayin'

      Normally, i'd say you were being paranoid, however, this is a Luke Plunkett article, who is known for his horrible journalism, and articles based on little more than rumours.

    PlayStation All-Stars Hunger Games?

      Hahaha. Thanks for the laugh.

        The internet's response:

        PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale ripoff!

          Should really be Playstation All-Stars The Running Man ripoff.

    Isn't the world 'Playstation' rather redundant what with it undoubtedly being a playstation specific release anyway? "All-Star Battle Royale" is still a crap title but its LESS crap.

    Now if the game was anything other than a generic beat em up with known characters pasted in, that might be more interesting. If Drake actually fought like Drake does in Uncharted with cover, guns, fisticuffs & stealth it'd be really interesting to match him up against the charging melee psychopathy of Kratos & see how it turns out. It'd also be downright hilarious to pit either of those two against Parappa the Rappa

    The "Playstation" in the title just isn't necessary. For an example; "Super Nintendo Smash Bros"/"Nintendo Super Smash Bros". Jarring, isn't it? It works better without the company name, as does Sony's equivalent. All-Stars Battle Royal is fine.

    If they feel the need to brand it with something, "All-Star Sony Rumble" sounds better. Or, if they want to take a dig at Nintendo, "All-Star Sony Smash".

    I was like "meh", till the last character, parrappa the rapper. Ill buy this game just so I can take it to a friends house/ps3 and beat down their otherwise lame first party playsation characters with my mad raps.

    "Sony’s Smash Bros. Rip-Off"

    Nice journalism....

      He's a game 'journalist' they're not actual journalists. All they know is how to repeat what everyone else is spreading rumours of, and how to look up wikipedia.

    Theres nothing wrong with a copy, I think it will be cool using PlayStation characters in a fighting game.

    In all honesty, Sony almost has as many great first party franchise characters as Nintendo does, and some of us have been waiting for a chance to have characters like Jak and Ratchet in the same game in a way that DOESN'T completely suck.

    I am all for this game.

    Should be called Super Crash Bros.

    Yeah, because Nintendo invented fighting games

    Playstation Throw Down/PS Throw Down

    Luke Plunkett, if you want to be a game journalist, then don't be a fanboy.

    Super Smash Bros is not the 1st all star fighting game. All star fighting game exists way before Super Smash Bros. For example, King of Fighters was released several years before Super Smash Bros.

    If you want to call Sony rip-off, then you might as well call Nintendo rip-off too.

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