South Park's Mr Garrison Teaches Us The History Of Game Of Thrones

In this amazing clip from last night's South Park, schoolteacher Mr Garrison tries to explain the complex history behind the world of Westeros.

You can watch the full episode, "Cartman Finds Love," on South Park's official website.

Cartman Finds Love [South Park Studios]


    cant watch SP episodes from that site in Australia

    "You can watch the full episode, “Cartman Finds Love,” on South Park’s official website."

    Not in Australia.

    It is the only funny bit of the season so far.

      I don't know about that, this was the worst episode of the season but I'd still have to say Cartman serenading Kyle at the basketball game was pretty damn funny.

        Really? I actually thought it was one of the best episodes this season. The Jewpacabra one sucked, the zip-lining episode i just couldnt even finish watching it.

          i enjoyed jewpacabra and this episode, but that zip-line episode was painful to watch.

          The Ziplining episode is one of my new favourites! Did you not get it or something?

        last weeks episode was worse i think but yeah the season has gone downhill.

    allsp(dot)com... ;D

    everytime i finishing pissing in the toilet i somehow have the southpark image in my head where the lady gets sucked into

      That was probably my favorite episode of the series. Then probably this one and 3rd would be the anti bullying /kony 2012 satire ep. the rest were pretty unbearable.

      I was in stitches when his mum was in the coffin with the same pose as she was being sucked in the toilet. God damn that was funny.

      This season has been ok guys, not everything will be comedy gold but every ep is still funny to a degree.

    To watch american videos, just forward your IP request through an american proxy. Theres a few apps for chrome and firefox that do this for you, making it super easy to switch the proxy on and off. I use 'header hacker' for chrome. Just remember to turn it off when not using it as it will disable some ad buster apps as well as some firewall / anti spam apps.

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