Space Quest Creators Reunite And Promise A New 'Spaceventure'

Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, creators of the Space Quest series of adventure games by Sierra Online, today announced they were gettin' the band back together, under the (Two) "Guys from Andromeda" nickname they coined for themselves so long ago.

There isn't much yet to announce in the way of funding, game direction or details, but the guys do need your help. The video is just a spread-the-word effort trying to trundle up social media support for their project through Facebook or Twitter or YouTube. The company is also hiring.

Space Quest, the sci-fi adventure tale of hapless space janitor Roger Wilco, spawned six titles between 1986 and 1995 for Sierra Online.

The Two Guys from Andromeda have returned! [Official Site. h/t Joe C.]


    is my wallet going to be thinner for another kickstarter this month?

      Yes, yes it is - and so will be mine, gladly! the single greatest news I've ever heard. the single greatest bit of news I've ever heard.

    I will happily spend 10 K for a new space quest, and or a new quest for glory, hell ill settle for HD remakes of all of them

    The two guys from Andromeda???? So many countless years sunk into the Spacequest games... so many fond memories of those games :D :D

    Ooh, I smell an adventure gaming renaissance. Or that might be lunch.

    Epic News!

    Roger Wilco!

    I reckon Space Quest 3 has to be one of my all time favourites! So much nostalgia it hurts!!!

    omfg yes just yes please I loved them all 5 had some of my favourite bits three was my favourite 6 was ok 4 was my most disliked but have finished them all atleast 5-6 times each

    Brilliant. Would love to see another game in the vein of the Space Quest series.

    So many infuriating (the tentacle maze) and fun memories of just about all the Space Quests (never played 6, it didn't look right).

    As long as they don't use shitty cartoony style graphics I'm in :)

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