Speculation: Marvel To Buy THQ And Make Video Games In-House

THQ's in dire straits, financially. Marvel — now a wholly owned division of Disney — has lots and lots of money. Maybe, if one buys the other, they hold hands and make beautiful games together?

That's what comics culture website Bleeding Cool seems to think. Editor Rich Johnston pieces together comments and business dealings from Marvel, Disney and THQ over the last few months. Linking together Sega's loss of certain Marvel licences, the cancelled Avengers game and lots of other happenings, he comes up with a pretty believable scenario as to the benefits of Marvel buying THQ. It's a long read but well worth it. And if this gets me one step closer to being able to play a Power Man & Iron Fist co-op action game, then all the better.

Will Marvel Buy THQ Games? [Bleeding Cool]


    Yes please.. We need more good, comic-based video games. In the past they've generally been rubbish. (excluding Batman AA/AC.)

    How about a Fantastic Four, 4 player co-op game? :p

    as long as metro last light gets released i dont care

    in saying that they may not be the best at making movies, for instance disney owns marvel, disney makes john carter the movie spends well over $200 million on it, flops at the box office, moral of the story even the largest companies can make huge flops and if disney take over THQ whats to say they wont take over every other company thats in dire straits, they will hold a monopoly on the business and every game will be exactly the same hence it will kill the gaming industry......

    This would be rad, actually. wtb Relic doing Marvel well!

    As long as THQ makes a better Supreme Commander Sequel, then I don't care. Cause Supcom2 was rubbish.

    Wouldn't it be more likely that Disney Interactive, another company owned by the House of Mouse, buys THQ?

    Sounds feasible. But also remember that Marvel is owned by Disney, and they let go of Black Rock Studios, who made the excellent Pure and Split/Second titles. But if bought, there are several studios there and they could easily get working on Marvel properties. The Darksiders team could easily get to work on some comic characters, Relic could still make Company of Heroes or perhaps a new Marvel Ultimate Alliance title (please - turn based strategy!), and the various studios otherwise could be put to work helping out on things like Disney and Marvel film tie ins. Maybe we'll still get to see another Red Faction game. Who knows.

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