Square Enix Really, Really Wants You To Play Final Fantasy XIV

Did you stop playing the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV? Square Enix wants you back.

All returning players will get access to a 10-day free trial from May 9 to May 20, the publisher said today. Returning players will be able to test out all of the heavily-criticized MMORPG's new features.

On the flip side, if you've stuck with Final Fantasy XIV for the long haul, you get to be part of Square Enix's "Legacy Campaign". You'll get to lock into a lower monthly fee ($US10/month, as opposed to the standard $US15/month) and Square Enix will even include your name in the game's credits for some reason. And you'll get a special chocobo mount to signify just how loyal you are.

To qualify for the Legacy Campaign, you have to have played Final Fantasy XIV for at least 90 days between January 6, 2012 and the beginning of version 2.0 beta testing. Your benefits will start when version 2.0 launches.


    ...and I really, really don't want too.
    *looks around*
    No one else does either.

    I'll start playing FF again when Square start putting a little effort into their games.

    Am i supposed to give them points for finally making their game playable 16 months after release?

    Why would anyone go near ff14 when guild wars 2 is just around the corner?

    guess this shows them that choosing to go to pay to play caused it to flop even more

    Why the hell anyone thinks it's a good idea to launch (relaunch) an MMO in the same year as Guild Wars 2 is beyond me.

    Make it free to play and I might play it.


    Is that a Pocoyo rip off?

    Meanwhile... they've abandoned ffxiv for the ps3...

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    One of the big problems it had (one of many, many problems) was that subscription fee. $15 US /mo is pretty standard, but if you're in Australia it was required to be paid in UK Pounds or in Euros. Worked out that you were paying closer to $20 AUD a month. And for a game that shouldn't have made it out of Alpha, too.

    I started it up again before this because I finally decided I'd see if they fixed anything... turns out it is exactly the same so far...

    I don't know where these big overhauls were, but it definitely wasn't in the starting content.

    FFXI is still going, lol.

      This is why I don't read Kotaku. Articles seem to be bias, just like this one. I don't care to hear how snarky the writers are "Square Enix will even include your name in the game’s credits for some reason. And you’ll get a special chocobo mount to signify just how loyal you are." That sentence wording is totally unnecessary .

      FFXI is just idling...its been dying for years and in order to bring ppl back again and again they decided to throw in easy mode for the weaklings which #1 killed the economy even more #2 angered vets who worked hard for what they got and most importantly #3 killed all expansions with the release of abyssea because no one cares to do some of the more teamwork based events anymore....even dynamis was ruined due to the overpowered beastmaster being able to solo/stagger/treasure hunter everything.

    The servers wont be locally hosted, so we might as well purchase the cheaper NA version instead.

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