Stained Glass BioShock Logo Would Look Great Hanging Over Your Porthole

The BioShock logo is nice enough to look at, but I've never imagined taking time out of my day to recreate it in glass. But Instructibles is all about doing nifty projects exactly like this, so I'm not surprised that someone with a bit of ingenuity came up with one.

Creator Tyler Longe started out with a piece of cardboard and $US500 worth of materials, including copper and solder. Unfortunately, the steps provided don't go into enough detail for someone such as myself to embark on their own crazy stained-glass adventure, but that won't stop me from admiring this completed one.

Longe happens to have a page on DeviantArt, where it's clear he's quite the BioShock fan. His Gears of War mosaic (right) is also a lovely piece of work.

Images: Tyler Longe

Bioshock Stained Glass Logo [Instructibles]


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