Star Command Looks Like The Best Thing To Happen To Phones Since Operators

Star Command, a mobile game we've been keeping a very close on lately, has its first trailer. And it's everything you'd hope for from a game that combines space strategy with ship management, two things that are way cooler combined than they sound individually.

It'll be out this Summer on iPhone, iPad and Android (both phone and tablet).

Star Command [Official Site]


    This needs to come out on PC so I can play it for hours and hours and hours~

    my new 'on the toilet' game...!

      Uh... you probably shouldn't play games/read/do anything for long periods of time on the toilet. It will give you hemorrhoids.

    Is that true? Idk if that correct, but if so, I probably have them.

    I watched that trailer while on the toilet...

    /Le sigh. No Windows Phone love.

    Game looks interesting though.

      WIndows Phone BWHAHAHAHA.

      sorry it's just that... BWHAHAHAHA... you crack me up.

    Civilization 2 mobile port please.

      I want to see syndicate (and syndicate 2) or xcom on android

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